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“We weren’t a superstar from the beginning. We tried hard and became who we are now.” says MonstaX about being famous

Taking the fans by surprise, the boygroup MONSTA X, one of the most famous of the new generation, confirmed in March of this year that they would return to Brazil with an unprecedented show in July. The group’s arrival is part of the tour “WE ARE HERE”, continuing the promotions of the album of the same name.

KoreaIN had the opportunity to talk with the boys about the last coming to Brazil in 2018 and the expectations for the new concert.

We remember that when the group shouted at the end of the first concert in Brazil, saying that “they would come back very soon”, the monbebes would not have imagined that such a quick return would be. And as promised in 2018, MonstaX is preparing to return to Brazil.’

KOREAIN: You guys are back to Brazil like you had promised in 2018. How’s the feeling of coming back again to meet your Brazilian fans?

SHOWNU: “We are very happy that we were able to keep our promises with Brazilian fans. We are excited to bring our new stages to Brazil. We couldn’t have done it without Monbebes and we are grateful for all the love and support. We promise to present a good show.”  

KOREAIN: What could you see/visit/eat from Brazil? Do you miss anything from here?

SHOWNU: “To be honest, we couldn’t visit many places last year due to tight schedule. We usually take rest and prepare for our next show. But, we remember eating Churrasco (barbecue). We all like meat, so we loved it. We have similar food in Korea, but Brazilian Churrasco was awesome.”

KOREAIN: What do you like the most about your Brazilian fans?

MONSTAX: “The passion!”
WONHO: “Everybody knows how to enjoy the show. Brazil especially has its own swag. We love how our fans show us how much they enjoy the show.”

KOREAIN: Monsta X has a very sexy and manly concept, comparing to the artists that came to Brazil before. In MonstaX, who is the sexiest member and which member do you think would be the favorite one among Brazilian fans?

I.M: “Probably Shownu and Wonho. Those two are the ones that exercise the most, has perfect body shape, and very manly. They give out a strong impression. So, they fit well in those sexy and manly stage outfits.”
MINHYUK: “Of course, other members exercise routinely, too. So, I think there’s a good balance among all of us.”

KOREAIN: The Brazilian fans are already really excited to meet you and are planning to sleep in the line in front of the concert venue. What do you think about it?

WONHO: “We are very touched. We have waited so long ourselves.  We can’t imagine how long our fans have been waiting for us. We still remember how passionate Brazilian fans were, so we are preparing very hard again this time to present a better show.”

KOREAIN: Has any fan of you ever done something that gave you a big motivation, especially in those hard moments in your career?

WONHO: “Someone told us that “everything will be alright.” and this gave us a lot of motivation. It entails that our fans will love and support us no matter what, and makes us feel that everything will eventually be alright. We became responsible in the trust that fans give us.”

Image: Mayara Engly @ Revista KoreaIN

KOREAIN: You guys have a lot of fanboys, and that isn’t very common for a boygroup. How do you feel about having such diverse fandom?

WONHO: “We are grateful.”
KIHYUN: “We love singing and dancing, but we also love the moment we communicate with fans through music. There are no rules to this. We want to communicate and enjoy with our fans as much as possible, and as long as possible.”

KOREAIN: What advice would you give to your fans to motivate them and support them to follow their dreams?

I.M: “We say, never give up and keep moving forward.”
JOOHONEY: “Monsta X was not a super star from beginning. We tried hard, matured, and became who we are now. We never once stopped nor gave up. We never had vacation. We do still have a long way to go and so many things to achieve, but we think we did a good job until now. So, we say, keep moving forward and never give up. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself standing right where you wanted to be.”

KOREAIN: If you had the opportunity to spend vacations in any country you had visited during tours before. Which one would you choose?

JOOHONEY: “We’ve been to a lot of places, and liked every one of them. Cities, islands.. they all are very attractive. In Korea, Cancun is famous for vacations. So, we think it’d be great to visit Cancun one day together.”

MonstaX’s latest work is the track “Play It Cool,” released in partnership with famous DJ and producer Steve Aoki.

KOREAIN: What do you expect for 2019?

HYUNGWON: “We actually don’t set a specific goal. It limits us. But we always think to ourselves that we want to keep growing album by album. We want to be with more fans all over world.”

KOREAIN: For last, please leave a message to your Brazilian fans, who are excitedly waiting for you!

SHOWNU: “Hey Monebebs! We know you all have been waiting for us for a long time. In return, we promise to present a wonderful show, so hope you can wait a bit more. Thank you for all the love and support. We love you and see you soon!”

Monsta X concert happens in São Paulo, July 19, in the Espaço das Americas. With almost sold out tickets, the group prepares for an unprecedented show.


Date: Friday, July 19
Gates Opening: 18h – Start: 20h
Location: Espaço das Américas – Rua Tagipuru, 795, Barra Funda, São Paulo – SP
Tickets and Infos: Eventim

Special Thanks: Highway Star, Starship Entertainment.
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