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INTERVIEW with G-IDLE: “We want to create our own genre”

Becoming a successful artist in the K-pop industry right after debuting like (G)I-DLE did is not an easy task. The talented rookies that are almost like veterans managed to charm people all over the world, collecting fans from each continent. Unfortunately, their long-waited first worldwide tour was canceled because of Covid-19, but they still managed to find a solution to interact with their beloved NEVERLANDs: the Online Concert “I-LAND: Who Am I, scheduled for July 5th. While they are preparing amazing performances for the event, KOREAIN had the pleasure to interview the group about their career so far, dreams and inspirations, and a special message to their Brazilian fans.

KOREAIN: Even before the official release, the song “LATATA” was meant to succeed. What was your reaction, as rookies, to seeing your debut song become so famous and loved? Did you expect that level of success so early in your career as a group?

SOYEON: “No, I haven’t even imagined receiving this recognition. I was just continuing to compose the music I have always wanted to do and was so grateful for the love.”

MINNIE: “I could not believe in such a good result. I was really proud and thankful to SOYEON for writing such a good song.”

KOREAIN: (G)I-DLE has many fans around the globe and is an inspiration for many of them. What kind of feelings and messages would you like to deliver with your music?

MIYEON: “We want to create our own (G)I-DLE genre, which is not only limited to a genre but also shows the diverse personalities of each member.”

SOOJIN: “With various translation and meaning behind our music, I would like many people to be healed and sympathized by listening to our music.”


KOREAIN: What are the main sources of inspiration for the creation of your music, videos, and performances?

MINNIE: “I normally get inspired by our members!”

SOYEON: “I get inspired from everywhere, but when I am producing I try to write songs that suit our members.”

YUQI: “I think everything inspires me: myself, people around me, movies, and books.”

KOREAIN: During those two years since the debut, what was the most remarkable moment of the group’s career for each of you? Which memory do you have the most in your mind?

SOOJIN: “The most remarkable memory is when we had our first fan-meeting and the first time winning at a Korea broadcast music show!!”

SHUHUA: “Recently when we performed at KCON:TACT 2020, we interacted with our fans through video call and could directly see their reactions. It was an amazing experience.”

KOREAIN: What is the biggest dream and goal that (G)I-DLE wants to achieve today?

MIYEON: “My dream is for all of our 6 members to be healthy, so that (G)I-DLE could last forever. I want to continue to show our NEVERLAND new and great performances.”

YUQI: “I want to continue doing what (G)I-DLE wishes to do, and to continue writing music.”

SHUHUA: “For everyone around the world to recognize (G)I-DLE!”

KOREAIN: Originally you were going to have the group’s first solo tour this year, which unfortunately had to be canceled because of COVID-19. Instead, you decided to do an online concert. How important is it for you to keep in touch with fans in this delicate moment?

MIYEON: It feels empty without NEVERLAND’s scream and cheer on stage, however, we believe that communication is important, so we are trying our best to keep in touch with our fans.

YUQI: We miss NEVERLAND so much, and I am sure NEVERLAND misses us too. And during this time, we can’t meet as often so it is very important for us to keep communicating through different ways with our fans.

KOREAIN: “Senorita” is a song with Latin roots, from the title and chorus to the costumes and choreography. Do you know or follow any Latin American artist?

MINNIE: “I like Camila Cabello and love some of her songs!”

SOYEON: “I know Luis Fonsi and listened to some of his songs, which was really inspiring.”

KOREAIN: Okay, this question will make Brazilian fans’ hearts skip: does (G)I-DLE have plans to come to Brazil? Can we be filled with hope?

SOOJIN: “We miss Brazilian NEVERLAND, and if we have a chance, we would love to go to meet you all.”

SHUHUA: “We wish to go to various countries to perform, so if we get a chance, we will definitely go to meet our Brazilian NEVERLAND.”

KOREAIN: The love of Brazilian fans comes from far away! What do you know and have to say about this distant passion? Please send a message to the fans from Brazil.

MIYEON: “Beloved Brazilian NEVERLAND, even with the distance, we gain so much strength from your warmth and support. Since you already have waited for us for a while, we will try to go to visit you soon. Love you.”

MINNIE: “Thank you for your consistent support. Love you all! We are really happy for your love and support, and that makes me want to work even harder.”

SOOJIN: “Thank you Brazilian NEVERLAND for supporting us from far distance! I really hope to meet you in person. Please stay healthy until then.”

SOYEON: “Thank you for your love and support from all the way in Brazil. We will try our best to continue giving great impact and influence through our music to our Brazilian NEVERLAND.”

YUQI: “Thank you so much and we really will go see you in person one day! Hope you keep cheering for us and share your love with us!”

SHUHUA: “Hello Brazilian NEVERLAND, thank you so much cheering for us despite the distance. If we ever get a chance, we will go to meet you!”

(G)I-DLE‘s love for NEVERLANDs is nothing new. The girls always show how grateful they are for their fans and try to repay the love as much as they can. While we wait for the world to be safe again so we can meet them live, the Online Concert is the best way to keep in touch with them and enjoy their always stunning performances. We can check all the information about the event below.

DATE: July 5th (Sunday)
TIME: 3 pm (KST)
PRICE: 39,000 wons (around $33)

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