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Minzy (former 2NE1) talks about self-esteem and artistic independence

The former member of 2NE1 discussed self-love, the new phase of her career as an independent artist, and the possibilities for forthcoming releases

New beginnings are part of life. Once personal and career-wise choices begin at a very young age, experimenting and stepping out of the comfort zone is common, commendable. Minzy debuted in 2009, aged 15, as a rapper on the girl group 2NE1 along with CL, Park Bom, and Sandara Park. From the very start of it all, she came out as a powerful individual, independent and – just like the other members – way too big to limit her creativity and narrow labels.

As an idol, a celebrity who is known worldwide, Minzy got her fresh start in 2016, when she left 2NE1 and started a solo career under the management of Music Works. A year later, she released her first mini-album, Minzy Work 01: Uno, along with the music videos for NiNaNu (featuring rapper Flowsik) and Superwoman. The extent of her name made that shot an absolute success, reaching the Top 10 of Gaon Charts and the second position on Billboard’s World Albums.

However, when discussing Gong Minji’s range, it’s necessary to mention her versatility: rapper and exquisite dancer, she proved to be an angelic vocalist, songwriter, and perfectly capable of promoting her own songs with as much passion as put in performing it. Minzy showed competence in every art she committed with from the beginning. Under the Music Works, she ended up focusing on her choreographies, opening the Millenium Dance Academy (MDA) and concentrating on that niche of music. The artist was once one of the best dancers in the industry, evoking again that title with mastery years ahead.

Though having much talent and influence, achievements, and acknowledgment, Minzy left Music Works this year after battling on justice to cancel her contract, freeing herself to fly even higher, now managing herself. ‘Lovely’ sprung as a gift for the fans, showing a romantic and delicate side of herself. That change in concept made the fans question whether the sassiness and badass behaviors were back, or if that would be the new phase for the chameleon artist.

From the start, Minzy never liked being labeled. She preferred to focus on art and her well-being as an artist and human being, answering these and other questions about the current phase of her career.

Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: First of all, how are you these days? 

I’ve been staying home for the pandemic, and I’m preparing my new songs and projects. 

KIN: How does it feel to be your own boss? How does it affect your artistic creativity and also which responsibilities come with it?

First of all, I can try all of something new. And I can discuss it with the staff directly, and the best thing is I can communicate with my fans very comfortably. Also, I can make projects a reality that I dreamed about, but the most important thing is to take responsibility for a promise. 

KIN: Can you tell us the next steps you are going to take on your musical career?

I would love to try something new. I want to try different kinds of genres. So please, keep looking forward to it.

KIN: After the release and repercussion of Lovely, are you going to keep similar concepts, or do you plan on bringing the “girl crush” vibes back?

I can be anything. I can choose any genre. I can even mix both girl crush and Lovely. Whatever you imagine, I will go beyond your imagination.

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KIN: You were in one of the biggest girl groups South Korea has ever witnessed, considered one of the best dancers in the industry, and conquered fans all over the world. Now, as a solo artist, you had successful releases, world tours, and even manages yourself being your own boss. And you’re only 26!  What do you still dream of accomplishing now? Both in your career and life?

I still have so much more to show you. I’ll come back with a new concept, style, and music. My long-term plan is to nurture and guide amazing and talented singers, a life coach.

KIN: It’s pretty clear that you are very truthful when it comes to your feelings described in songs. What are the topics, feelings, and thoughts you still plan on expressing through music? What kind of message would you like to deliver with your songs?

Everyone lives in the same way, so I want to make music that people can relate to. Even if we can’t meet each other in person, I think we can communicate with music. So, I want to make that kind of music for those who need a friend, sister, family, soul mate.

KIN: Have you ever thought of collaborating with a Brazilian/Latin artist? Are you fond of any Brazilian/Latin artist?

Recently, I watched Anitta’s music video. She’s cool. 

KIN: In rough times such as we’re living now, what do you do to stay healthy and motivated enough to go through it all?

I’m spending much of my time with my family. I think it’s a perfect time to look back on our busy life. Also, I’m preparing my plan well and use my time wisely for the future.

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Ola! brazil 🇧🇷 It’s minzy! Miss you guys so much! Eu te amo Obrigada!❤️ #Repost @followhwstar ・・・ A cantora Minzy (@_minzy_mz), ex-integrante do 2NE1, quer conhecer mais sobre a música e a dança brasileira. Quer participar e mostrar um pouco da nossa cultura para ela? Publique um vídeo seu dançando alguma música brasileira, na rede social do passarinho azul ou na outra (aquela, Tico e Teco), com a hashtag #DancaComigoMinzy. O vídeo deve ter até 30 segundos! Lembre-se de marcar a Highway Star nas postagens: @followhwstar no passarinho azul e @hwstar no Tico e Teco! Iremos selecionar vídeos até às 18h do dia 1º de outubro. Corre para enviar o seu, pode ser sua chance de ser avaliado por uma das maiores dançarinas do k-pop! Fiquem de olho nas redes sociais da Minzy e da Highway Star, em breve teremos novidades!

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KIN: You inspire so many people around the world every day with your work. What can you say for those who are struggling with a lack of self-esteem and going through hard times?

If you love yourself first, you can love someone else too. I think Brazilian fans are energetic and passionate, so please just compliment yourself with that energy. If you do so, people will get positive energy from you.

KIN: When you think of your Brazilian fans, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind?

Carnival in Rio, Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco), Soccer.

KIN: You’ve been to Brazil before for a short stay. We would like to know how was the experience of meeting your local fans. Is there anything special that makes Brazilian fans different from others?

It was my first time in Brazil, and it was great to spend it with you all. Brazilian fans are energetic and passionate. I had lots of fun on stage. I was very impressed with their energy. They are really good dancers too. When I was on the stage, they followed my moves really well. When the pandemic ends, I would love to be there!

KIN: Finally, could you please leave a final message to your Brazilian fans?

Hey Brazil! It’s Minzy. I hope you guys are safe and healthy. I really, really miss you guys a lot. I’m working on new songs and projects. So keep looking forward to it. ASAP. I hope I can see you soon! I love you so much! Muah!

Minzy will be joining Brazilian fans on video calls, on an online event held by Highway Star. Tickets are available for purchase on the Sympla app and website. On the Highway Meet (on November 13), the singer is going to speak individually with fans on Zoom for two minutes. On November 14, the artist will be part of group sessions with those who acquire the tickets.

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