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PENTAGON talks about 1st long-awaited win and missing their fans worldwide

2020 has been an unusual year. Due to the pandemic, we had to adapt our lives to new procedures while canceling social gatherings, such as concerts and fan meetings. In order not to lose the connection with fans, artists like PENTAGON turned to an alternative solution: the internet.

The group managed by Cube Entertainment got closer to their UNIVERSE – official fandom name – through the fan meeting PENTAGON Official Fanclub UNIVERSE 3rd Online Fan Meeting [PENTAG-ON AIR]. Now, they are going to perform the online concert WE L:VE, next Sunday (November, 29).

Unfortunately, without the presence of Jinho (who is currently fulfilling his military service since May) and celebrating the official return of Yanan, they released the MV for Daisy, the title track from their mini-album WE:TH. The excitement from UNIVERSE with a comeback filled with meaningful productions and lyrics, written by the members themselves, brought a special moment for the group: the first win on a music show. On SBS MTV‘s The Show PENTAGON got their long-waited trophy, showing that this phase is one of their most successful so far.

Similar to their past comebacks, WE:TH was written by PENTAGON members, who were also deeply involved in the production. The creative process of the group once again shows the versatility and extension of their talent. In less than a year, they released their first full album, and the MVs of Dr.BeBe, and Basquiat, from their participation in the reality show Road to Kingdom. While these concepts showed a more mature and dark side of the members, Daisy brought back the suave concept. However, like everything created by their Midas touch, it also has a twist, showing the painful side of love.

PENTAGON has dreamed of this prize since the debut in 2016, and even mentioned in previous interviews with Revista KoreaIN. Now that it finally came true, they talked about the feeling of accomplishment and gratitude for the win.

Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: First of all, congratulations on your 1st Music Show win! We are thrilled for you! In our last interview, you talked about the dream of getting your 1st win, and now it came true. How did you feel?

KINO: I can’t believe what we said in the last interview came true. Since UNIVERSE and we have been waiting for it for a long time, we have tried to cherish every minute, every second, and keep the moment for a long time. I’d like to say I thank and love UNIVERSE.

KoreaIN: What’s the meaning behind the lyrics for your winning song?

HUI: There are two meanings. Daisy, the white and beautiful flower, and to be burned by love.

WOOSEOK: This is the song that shows the situation and emotions of a person burned by painful love.

KoreaIN: Among the members, who had the most surprising reaction with the win? What passed through your minds during that time?

YANAN: I think the member was KINO. And I thought I should try harder after we won the 1st prize.

KoreaIN: What are you aiming for next? What do you still wish to conquer in your career and life?

YEOONE: Being with UNIVERSE for a long time as PENTAGON!

YUTO: Trying harder than yesterday!

KoreaIN: You had an event online back in September and now are preparing for the [WE L:VE] online concert. What can fans expect from it?

SHINWON: We are going to show you a variety of things that we haven’t shown you before, so please look forward to it!



  • Date and time: November 29, 3 PM (KST) (3 AM BRST).
  • Live stream website: Link sent directly to fans.
  • Tickets: 39,000KRW; Available here.
  • KEY RING PACKAGE: ticket + exclusive Daisy keyring + 1 Random photocard (8 types): 55,000KRW;
    AR PHOTO CARD PACKAGE: ticket + AR Photo Card Set (2p, 1set) 59,000KRWAvailable here.
  • UNIT A PACKAGE (HONGSEOK, YEOONE, YUTO, WOOSEOK): ticket + T-shirt signed by UNIT A + meeting with UNIT A and 40-second video call, limited to 50 people: 110,000KRW; Available here.
  • UNIT B PACKAGE (HUI, SHINWON, YANAN, KINO): ticket + T-shirt signed by UNIT B + meeting with UNIT B and 40-second video call, limited to 50 people: 110,000KRW; Available here
  • The concert will be around two hours long.

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