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[INTERVIEW] P1Harmony spoils about next projects and wishes to meet Brazilians fans

P1Harmony debuted in 2020 with an ambitious project that involved the simultaneous release of an album and a movie. Fans were introduced to KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL, and JONGSEOB through a sci-fi plotline in which they got united to save the world. Between the debut in October and the first comeback, released in April, the six boys have become a solid unit and shown their talents on multiple occasions. They also managed to sit with KoreaIN for an exclusive interview to talk about future plans, their harmony as a group and leave a message to Brazilian P1eces.

Especially to fans from Brazil, JIUNG revealed that they are currently working on their next album and their 2nd online fan meeting. Recently in April, the group has promoted their second album ‘DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT’. The leader KEEHO reminded us all to pay attention to their fan meeting P1uspace H: Time to Move Out, which will be held on July 18th on MyMusicTaste platform.

Regarding their plans for future releases, P1Harmony opened up about their group’s inspirations, strong friendship, and more. Check the full exclusive interview below.

KoreaIN: P1Harmony debuted after an exquisite performance in a movie. Can we expect projects with that magnitude in the future? What do you dream of accomplishing in your career?

KEEHO: Uhm..we can’t give an answer (about projects) at this very moment but I think we could show it anytime in the future if there is a chance. Currently, we are more focused on our music but in the far future, you would be able to pull it off if you all want us to.

THEO: I think I haven’t decided yet about my career. If I were to talk about my blunt dream… I hope we would shine the brightest.

SOUL: My dream is to live happily.

KoreaIN: What would you say is the main aspect that brings harmony to the group? What brings you guys together?

KEEHO: I think it would be communication. We really talk and communicate a lot, since we talk about everything from A to Z I think the harmony just followed.

JONGSEOB: The harmony in our group is sometimes simple. I think it’s harmonious when we talk about lyrics or topics. I think it’s really harmonious when we mix our own colors and it just becomes one.

KoreaIN: Both EPs brought strong messages on embracing singularities and fighting whatever tries to bring you down. What kind of message would you like to deliver with your songs?

THEO: We try to deliver the message of breaking out and not being scared of the disharmonies in the society. We hope that lots of people will gain courage and live happily after listening to our songs.

INTAK: We believe in our music and the ability that we have. We try to give that message to people as well.

KoreaIN: What concept would you like to try in future comebacks?

SOUL: Our current concept is quite wild and bold, I would like to try a cool concept where no effort would be needed. The natural coolness.

KoreaIN: When coming up with the group’s concept and writing the b-sides, did you guys get any kind of inspiration from your veterans in the same company?

INTAK: Seung Hyub sunbae from N.Flying helped us with composing our songs. I wrote the lyrics of my parts after seeing what he has written. I got inspired by his lyrics.

KoreIN: P1Harmony has a huge fan base in Brazil, and they’re very passionate about every single one of the members. What do you know or have heard about Brazil and would like to be able to visit/experience in the future?

JIUNG: Yes, we have heard a lot about Brazil’s music, culture, and the scenery. We would really like to go and see it with our own eyes.

Lastly, the group chose KEEHO to say some sweet words in a message to Brazilian P1eces. The leader thanked everyone for reading their interview and stated that they really want to go to Brazil and show love to the fans:

“We would really like to go to Brazil and perform and see you all in person~ We love you all!”.


P1Harmony’s songs are available on music streaming platforms and on their official YouTube channel. The group’s 2nd online fan meeting P1uspace H: Time to Move Out will be held on July 18th on MyMusicTaste.

Watch the ‘Scared’ MV here:

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