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5 tips for learning Korean online for free

Learning a foreign language is always challenging. Besides having to establish a routine of studies, it is important to insert some elements of the language you want to learn in your everyday life. KoreaIN prepared important tips that will help you to learn Korean for those who never studied the language, but also for people who already know the basics.

Check below five different ways to do that and improve your language skills.

1. Have some online support

Studying on your own is important, but it is also necessary to have support to help you organize everything you learn into something understandable. In this case, you can count on masterTOPIK to help.

MasterTOPIK has free online courses and material to improve your curriculum and level tests to check how much you have learned already. And all these are totally free!

You can also start a free trial in masterTOPIK service by just signing up here. You can enjoy unlimited Korean lectures from $13.99 per month. If you would like to step up the game and prepare for TOPIK tests, they are the best to help you in your study journey.

2. Listen to music

Music is the number 1 ally when it comes to learning. Not only are they fun, but also easy to access through YouTube or any streaming platform. Choose your favorite Korean rhythm, press play, and enjoy.

Reading or following the lyrics while listening can help you find examples of grammar rules and new words to improve your vocabulary. Also, you will be able to improve your listening skills, being more familiar with the language.

3. Watch videos

Speaking of YouTube, non-music videos can also be a learning tool, since it is possible to find movie trailers and short clips of variety shows and interviews with artists. While music helps you with vocabulary, these conversations can improve your skills of everyday language.

Another aspect that can be applied here concerns accents and dialects. What’s the difference between Seoul and Busan accents? Maybe listening to BTS’s Jungkook or Jimin speaking might help, since they were both born in Busan.

K-dramas and TV series are also strong allies to learn new slangs and understand the culture better. Getting to know the Korean lifestyle will surely help you build sentences and talk with locals with more fluency and confidence.

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4. Make vocabulary lists

Vocabulary lists are another useful tool to help you learn Korean. For a better understanding, try to organize them by topics – don’t mix names of food with verbs, for instance – or by grammar classes, such as common verbs, adjectives and so on.

After writing these words down, stick them to a place where you can see them frequently or carry some lists inside your wallet or purse. The more contact with the language, the better you will fix them in your mind.

You can find vocabulary cards for free on masterTOPIK website.

5. Don’t be afraid to try

It’s very common – and understandable – to feel insecure when dealing with a foreigner language and culture. But don’t be afraid to speak. Making mistakes is part of every learning process and identifying and correcting them takes you one step closer to fluency. Practicing makes perfect, right? So stop worrying about imperfections that can be fixed and focus on improving your skills. You can start it now!

Besides that, don’t forget that having a tutor to help you makes everything easier. Teachers are here to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

What’s your favorite tip on how to learn Korean at home?

Please comment below and make sure to access masterTOPIK to help you improve your Korean game.

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