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[INTERVIEW] N.Flying on their biggest inspirations, band’s dreams and never-ending love for their fans

Korean rock quintet N.Flying made their latest comeback with their first full-length album, Man on the Moon in early June. Lee Seung Hyub, Cha Hun, Kim Jae Hyun, Yoo Hwe Seung and Seo Dong Sung have already made their mark on music, recognized by critics and audiences through awards and rankings.

Since debuting, with the mini-album Awesome, in 2015, the band has conquered fans, who share the same feelings and sensations as the members, through the music. The band has taken k-rock to younger generations, from South Korea to the world. Each new release takes charge of N.Flying‘s unique musical abilities, the band’s maturation and connection with their fans.

Lee Seung Hyub, Yoo Hwe Seung and Seo Dong Sung guarantee that they are working hard these past few days. Cha Hun told us that the band is quite busy with ‘Man on the Moon’ activities, and confirmed that he still takes time to care for his cat: “I’ve been very busy these days, but I haven’t forgotten my dear cat, Romang!”.Kim Jae Hyun preferred to give an exclusive spoiler about the next steps of the members of N.Flying. Kim Jae Hyun revealed that part of the focus now is on individual activities: “We are preparing activities and looking forward to meeting N.Fia as soon as possible!”.

KoreaIN had the opportunity to chat with N.Flying about their future plans, but also about the production of ‘Man on the Moon’, music inspirations, achievements and support from Brazilian fans, all in an exclusive interview.

Follow below the full interview with the band N.Flying, with all sincerity, delicacy and passion for music and fans.

KoreaIN: In June, N.Flying released a new comeback ‘Man on the Moon’. Please, can you tell us a little bit about the context of this new release and the music proposal of the project?

Lee Seung Hyub: The newly released album came out under the name ‘Man on the Moon’. This is the name of the album that came to mind while thinking about the title song, Moonshot. Moonshot’s ambition to stand tall with all the fear and tension motivated, so I thought of ‘Man on the Moon’. I wanted to express my trauma and all my fears through the moon here. Like when Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon.
Kim Jae Hyun: The newly released ‘Man on the Moon’ is N.Flying‘s first full-length album! It’s our first full-length album since our debut. It’s a very meaningful album for us! And when I was doing my solo activities in Japan, there were a lot of songs that the members worked really hard with lots of care.

KoreaIN: Can you talk about the main message of the new song and how was the creative process?

Cha Hun: There’s a lyric like this in the title song, Moon Shot: “If you wanna change, be not afraid”.  It means to literally don’t fear changes and destroy all the negative things. 
Seo Dong Sung: I prepared music to cheer up everyone who is having a hard time. I wanted to show new sides of me in this first full album. The creation process wasn’t all that easy, of course. It was my first time, and I had some difficulties, but I had a lot of fun doing it with the members and I’ve learned a lot from it.

KoreaIN: The group is completing 7 years of career. It’s incredible! What changes can you feel between the “recently debuted N.Flying” and the “current N.Flying”? And what hasn’t changed during those 7 years?

Yoo Hwe Seung: It’s a bit embarrassing saying this, but the first thing that didn’t change is the love and passion for music, the effort, and the humble heart. Also the way we think about N.Fia won’t ever change. I think N.Flying is more mature now than when we debuted.

KoreaIN: What was the achievement that you had during these years of your career and that you appreciate the most?

Lee Seung Hyub: First of all, I’m grateful that I can continue to perform. First place is great and everything is good, but I’m always thankful to our fans helping us to do music and performances.
Cha Hun: I’m thankful for everything, but I’m most grateful to N.Fia for always supporting us!
Kim Jae Hyun: I think these are the best and most grateful achievements I’ve ever had so far. All the members worked hard together until now. Our N.Fia cheered me on and encouraged me. I was very sorry, but they waited for me. Now and in the future, I’m always so thankful and happy.
Yoo Hwe Seung: I’ve never thought of it as an achievement we’ve made so far, but I think there are N.Fia who can listen to our music and wait for us, and that’s what we’ve built up until now! I want to express my non ending gratitude to N.Fia through messages on our songs during performances.
Seo Dong Sung: It’s my first time since I’ve started working on this album. I’m very thankful for the help of the other members for this achievement.

Our N.Fia cheered me on and encouraged me.

Kim Jae Hyun

KoreaIN: How’s the harmony between the members while working and spending time together daily? How are you guys involved in new releases and how do you decide on new projects?

Lee Seung Hyub: I think the harmony between the members is really diverse and perfect. I think chemistry is good in everything. Since I’m the leader, I’m in charge of coordinating opinions among the members, listening to them, and making decisions. I think the new project is also going in the most ideal direction because of our conversations between the members!
Cha Hun: When we write a song, we usually send a message on our group chat, get feedback, and record each other’s positions. I’m sure it’s possible because we are a band…(laughs)

KoreaIN: The N.Flying members are showing their skills in different entertaining fields. What do you still intend to do in your solo careers? Can you share a little of your future projects with us?

Lee Seung Hyub: Recently, I worked under my solo stage name, J.DON, and I’m planning to continue to show different music from N.Flying’s. Also, I want to continue acting and doing music activities in the future! But right now, I want to keep focusing on N.Flying.
Kim Jae Hyun: I believe N.Flying is my top priority at the moment. This won’t change. I will also continue my individual career. Dramas, movies, variety shows, etc. I’m personally greedy, but I want to do as much as I can to see N.Fia, and for N.Fia to see me. I will work harder as much as I choose!
Yoo Hwe Seung: I don’t have a clear plan yet, but I always try to prepare in many ways so that N.Fia can enjoy and feel a lot of things outside of music. I’m interested in radio DJ’s and musicals, so I’d like to try it if I have a chance (laughs).

KoreaIN: You guys have some emotional, happy and lively songs that connect well with your fans. In general, what are your main inspirations for compositions and lyrics to solo and N.Flying productions?

Lee Seung Hyub: I get a lot of inspiration from fans, daily conversations, and from our members.
Cha Hun: For me, I think the most about it on unusual times like when I’m taking a shower, right before going to sleep, or right after I wake up (laughs).
Kim Jae Hyun: I don’t write a lot of songs, but I still learn a lot from the members, and I get a lot of inspiration from my daily life. For example, if I see a teddy bear in the cold winter, I think “Has someone broken up?” But when I see cats resting warm in the doll’s arms, I think that some people are having a hard time, but others are warm.
Yoo Hwe Seung: I’m inspired by a lot of things that come from the environment that I live in, or from my own mind. Whether it’s because I can’t see N.Fia for a long time, or if I want to sing on stage, or if I want to let them listen to our music quickly, or if I’m having fun with the members. I get those inspirations from small things in my daily life.
Seo Dong Sung: Rather than being an inspiration, I think I’m good at free thinking when I take a shower.

KoreaIN: When people hear the name N.Flying, what values ​​and feelings would you like to be linked to their thoughts? What kind of artist would you like to be remembered as? 

Lee Seung Hyub: I hope the thoughts and feelings of ‘Oh! They’re a great band’ automatically comes to people’s mind. You know that thing, when you suddenly want to listen to a song? I hope that’s our song. And I want to be a family-like band that is humble and good for a long time.
Cha Hun: I want to be a band that’s been through life together. Where we support each other’s growth and grow old together.

I hope the thoughts and feelings of ‘Oh! They’re a great band’ automatically comes to people’s mind.

Lee Seung Hyub (N.Flying)

KoreaIN: N.Flying brings a music style with different colors, mixing rock, indie, rap and pop. What kind of sound have you not done yet, but would like to try? Maybe a Latin or Brazilian rhythm like MPB or Funk?

Lee Seung Hyub: If we think about Latin rhythm with our music, I think it would be a fresh collaboration, so I want to try, but I’m not sure if I can do it well (laughs). But I really want to do it if I have a chance.
Seo Dong Sung: I love listening to Latin music. The rhythm is so fun that if we try it someday, I think I can have lots of fun.

KoreaIN: Let’s talk about Brazil. What do you know/have heard about our country? Do you have any wish to visit here in the near future?

Lee Seung Hyub: I don’t know much about Brazil, but once I go to Brazil, I really want to try Brazilian food. And I know that the fans in Brazil are very passionate, so I really want to perform there. I want to have fun on stage together with Brazilians N.Fia.
Cha Hun: I think a new country is always amazing and fun! Especially, I want to see the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro!
Seo Dong Sung: Brazil, being the country of festivals, brings me strong childhood memories. When I was young, I watched a festival in Brazil on TV during Korea’s winter, and I wanted to go to a warm country more than anything else. I’d like to visit anytime, if I have the chance.

KoreaIN: Brazilian fans like to demonstrate their passion on the internet a lot. Have you read, seen or responded to comments from Brazilian fans on N.Flying’s social networks or lives?

Kim Jae Hyun: Yes! I’ve seen it! They tell me to “Please come to Brazil”. Whenever that happens, I’m so thankful and sorry. I really want to go and meet N.Fia in Brazil, when this hard time is over!
Cha Hun: I’m always watching, but it’s always a shame that I can’t read all of them, because the chat speed is so fast.

KoreaIN: To wrap up, could you leave a message for Brazilians N.fia and KoreaIN fans who are reading this interview right now?

Lee Seung Hyub: N.Fia and KoreaIN subscribers in Brazil, I’m N.Flying’s leader Lee Seung Hyub. How are you doing? I know very well that you are always supporting N.Flying from afar. I want to meet you soon too, but I’m so sad that I can’t because of this situation. But like I said before, I’m going to keep my promise to meet you soon. Above all, I hope you stay healthy and happy these days and listen to our music. We’ll work hard and bring a lot of great gifts! Thank you and I love you.

You can support N.Flying and listen to ‘Man on the Moon’ through music streaming platforms and FNC’s official YouTube channel.

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