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[INTERVIEW] SF9 talks about their latest album and interaction with other groups on KINGDOM

The tides are high for SF9. At 5 years of career, the group has been gathering even more fans thanks to its elaborated songs and performances full of personality. Recently, besides having got their first win on music shows, the group has also been part of the highly-celebrated Kingdom. The participation allowed YOUNG BININ SEONGJAE YOONDA WONRO WOONZU HOYOO TAE YANGHWI YOUNG, and CHA NI to show different sides for the public and has earned compliments for their talent and boldness.

After all nine members renewed their contracts with FNC Entertainment, SF9 has released its more recent album, TURN OVER. The chosen title track was Tear Drop, which brings a more minimalist sound with the sexy vibe that the group has adopted long ago. Among the promotions of the album, the group had given KoreaIN an exclusive interview to talk about the creational process of the album, Kingdom, and more. Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: You just had your comeback with the album TURN OVER and title track Tear Drop. How were the preparation and creative process behind this project?

YOUNG BIN: It was a little hard because we had to review the choreography and change the outfits and make-up. But our members did a good job, so we had fun during the preparations!

IN SEONG: Because it has been a while since our last comeback, we prepared ourselves a lot! We had a lot of worries, and we shared it talking to the other members.

JAE YOON: We all work really hard with the only thought of showing good performances for our FANTASYs.

YOO TAE YANG: I think that this album and the title track Tear Drop show SF9’s full “sexy suave” side! I was very excited during the preparations for the album.

KoreaIN: We noticed the members participated in a lot of the lyrics of the album. How was the experience? What would you like to try on the next opportunities?

YOUNG BIN: Writing lyrics is always a new and incredible experience. For next time, I want to try to write a full song.

ZU HO: For the next album, I’d like to include even more full songs!

HWI YOUNG: For the next opportunities, I’d like to try different music styles.

CHA NI: I want to try to write songs in the future!

KoreaIN: There are lots of fan theories online regarding the SF9 “Universe” because of the supposed symbolism and connections in your MVs, especially in the most recent ones such as Good Guy and Summer Breeze. Can you explain it a little and say what can we expect for the next chapters?

YOUNG BIN: In our PROLOGUE video and Tear Drop MV there is a moment in which SF9 finds a crisis while going through the process of facing destiny! It’s something we can’t talk about yet, so keep an eye until the end of the promotions, please!

KoreaIN: You have recently been to Kingdom and were able to show other sides of the group. How was the experience for you and how can this influence the next releases? Which group did you most enjoy meeting and interacting with?

IN SEONG: I believe we were able to exceed our own limits. I interacted will all the groups and learned a lot of things.

YOO TAE YANG: We found a new color for SF9 and were able to improve our performances. It was very fun to be with iKON’s Donghyuk and THE BOYZ’s Juyeon.

HWI YOUNG: I think our performances became more diverse and our abilities improved a lot. It was great to meet iKON’s Bobby and THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo.

CHA NI: I think it was a great opportunity for us to grow through Kingdom. It was very fun to be with everyone who was on the show!

KoreaIN: Considering the expertise that you have gathered for the past 5 years and the new things you learned on Kingdom, what was the most valuable thing that you have learned?

JAE YOON: I sure learned a lot! I had a lot of worries, and it was tiring, but now I have the strength to move on!

DA WON: I learned the importance of teamwork!

RO WOON: I learned how to see happiness through those new experiences that we have been through for the past 5 years. I think that’s the most valuable thing: SF9 and this happiness.

ZU HO: I believe it was our friendship and loyalty.

HWI YOUNG: I found out that effort is important, but to be lucky and be in good situations are too. I think I was able to grow and learn a lot.

KoreaIN: For these past 5 years, SF9 has been a solid group and it’s possible to see that there is a lot of friendship and respect among the members. What would you say is the main reason for this?

YOUNG BIN: I think there is good chemistry among all members. More than the complex feeling of getting along with each other or not, I think this chemistry is the key that keeps our friendship.

JAE YOON: I think it may not look so obvious, but it’s because we care and take care of each other a lot!

DA WON: I think it’s nothing special, besides that we understand each other.

RO WOON: I think we can keep our friendship by frequently talking among the members!

KoreaIN: You have been to Brazil for a fan meeting in 2018. What’s the most remarkable memory from this concert?

YOUNG BIN: First, the temperature was very nice and I was very thankful for FANTASYs’ passion. I really want to go back!

JAE YOON: I remember FANTASYs had warm energy and supported me. They were applauding us in the line before entering the concert venue, so I didn’t even have time to hesitate.

RO WOON: The energy of the day was what marked me the most!

YOO TAE YANG: I remember the passion and the high support of Brazilian fans. It was really fun!

Lastly, we asked the group to leave a message for the Brazilian fans who are reading this interview:

SF9: FANTASY! We miss you a lot… I hope we can meet again with you, who are so warm in this wonderful place called Brazil! Stay always healthy and don’t forget us!

English version and proofreading by Greyce Oliveira
Korean translation by Giovanna Nogueira and Carol Akioka
Image: FNC Entertainment
Do not copy without giving proper credits.

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