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777 (Triple Seven) para música Presente

[INTERVIEW] TRIPLE SEVEN talks about becoming a co-ed group and embracing Latin rhythms

777 (TRIPLE SEVEN) is the new project by GH Entertainment that combines two groups of the label: B.I.G and 3YE. Not only the final result was fascinating, but it also surprised Latin fans by using rhythms we are so familiar with. Besides all the love J-Hoon, Gunmin, Heedo, Jinseok, Yurim, Yuji, and Haeun had shown for our beats, the group gave an exclusive interview for KoreaIN and sent a special message for Brazilian fans! Check it out.

TRIPLE SEVEN officialy debuted on August 10 with the song Presente, but they are far from being rookies. B.I.G has been active since 2014, while 3YE was first introduced as Apple.B and redebuted in 2019. Therefore, they all have large experience in the entertainment field.

The name of the unit has more than one meaning. The first one concerns the number of members, seven in total. The second comes from the jackpot, the three sevens in a row which is the best result on a slot machine. Therefore, 777 also symbolizes good luck and fortune.

Soon as the members heard the demo version of Presente, they knew it was for them and that they would be combined as one group. Apparently, this project also aims to have a long path, since the septet gave hope to fans who wish to listen to more TRIPLE SEVEN songs in the future.

The members also mentioned that they tried to study Latin pop songs, as well as Spanish song Moombahton Groove that was an inspiration to Presente, while preparing to embrace Latin rhythms.

Watch the MV for Presente:

KoreaIN: 777 (Triple Seven) is formed by two already experienced groups. How was it to practice and perform as a mixed group after being used to practice in B.I.G and 3YE separately?

TRIPLE SEVEN: We were concerned how our two different colors would smear in with each other in the beginning but
then as we started our practice, surprisingly we were perfect fit ant the chemistry has been awesome. As the number of group members increased, more fun and more abundance followed!

KoreaIN: What is the best part for you about being in a co-ed group now? Were there any kind of hardships you had to get through compared to when you were promoting in your original groups?

3YE: 3YE has 3 members and we thought it was enough to fill the stage and the music we are performing but then for the viewers and fans, you might have felt that variety of musical character was somewhat missing. As 777, we believe we have remedied our shortcomings by having both male and female members in the group. We fill our somewhat missing parts and pieces of each other and work synergistically.

B.I.G: Obviously, the “Variety” is one of the biggest pros. We have more components to show the various colors of ourselves as we joined together… Also, personally, I think we have amazing chemistry, the atmosphere becomes amazing! Hmm… and the cons… it takes longer for us to pick the menu when we order our meal, maybe?

KoreaIN: The name of the unit symbolizes, besides the number of members, hitting the 777 in a jackpot. What 777 (Triple Seven) would you like to win as a prize if you hit the jackpot?

TRIPLE SEVEN: We wish to get the “World Tour” as our prize. It is already sad enough that we cannot meet our fans in
person due to covid. We wish this will pass soon so that we can meet our fans all over the world. Cheering voices of our fans, your screams would be the best gift for us. And also, when the concert is over, during our free time, we would love to just travel the world.

Triple Seven (777) divulgação
Foto de divulgação do Triple Seven (777). Créditos GH Entertainment

KoreaIN: And speaking of jackpot and luck, do any of you have any lucky objects or rituals that you use to bring good luck?

TRIPLE SEVEN: In many countries, number 7 is a lucky number. And the number of our group members is 7 and the name of the group is 777. We believe, just like the name, we would bring good luck to many and also hit “Jackpot”.

KoreaIN: Is 777 (Triple Seven) a one time only project or can we expect more songs from the unit in the future?

TRIPLE SEVEN: 777 was not intended to be a brief project. Triple seven is going to be a seasonal project group. And we wish to meet our fans and get closer to you in different seasons. We will try to show you what we could not have shown you so far in two different groups so keep supporting us.

KoreaIN: “Presente” is a song full of Latin vibes and is very different from concepts your groups had before. What was the inspiration to use a rhythm from the other side of the world?

TRIPLE SEVEN: The song itself was produced in Madrid, Spain. Besides that, we wanted to be different and try something new, something others had not done. Certainly, the Korean fans loved it and we wanted our global fans to love it, too.

KoreaIN: 777 (Triple Seven) have something unique which is the fact that both B.I.G and 3YE have individually made fan events for Brazilian fans before. How was this experience to get to perform for fans from the other side of the world? –  Does this previous experience with international fans, that both B.I.G and 3YE had, impact your work as 777 (Triple Seven) now?

3YE: Recently we had how are exclusive Latin America concert. Many of our fans enjoyed it and posted their comments and reviews via sns. We have received lots of positive feedbacks which Encouraged us and supported us big time. Since many different Latin American countries have encouraged us we wanted to be closer to them they releasing Spanish version of our title song.

B.I.G: We were fascinated by their energy when we first met our Brazilian fans in our concert. We were surprised by the Love and support from our fans in far distance. We were so grateful that we could meet our fans who hear and can sing along our songs in Korean. We were just so thankful that we had Our concert with international fans who passionately supported us. So when we think of our fans in Brazil, we are encouraged, we receive energy, and we are even excited.
Because of Our a memory that was gifted by our fans, We were able to be passionate about preparing this project group, triple seven. When we think of our fans in Brazil, we are not only thankful but also grateful.

KoreaIN: And after having contact with Brazilian fans, did you learn any Portuguese words or facts about Brazil that would you like to share with us?

TRIPLE SEVEN: When we meet our fans in Brazil, we would love to ask what they like about us or what they like about our song. And we wish we could ask these questions in Portuguese (laughs).

KoreaIN: Lastly, please leave a message to Brazilian fans who love and support 777 (Triple Seven).

TRIPLE SEVEN: We wish to meet our fans in Brazil soon, hopefully very soon, and also in person. We would love to go to Brazil and be exposed to Brazilian culture as we would be with our fans and sing our songs together. So, until then, let’s be little more patient together, stay tuned and keep supporting us please. We love you Brazil!

Watch the video message the group sent to Brazilian fans:

By Paula Bastos Araripe
Translation by Greyce Oliveira
Images: GH Entertainment
Do not copy without giving proper credits.

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