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[INTERVIEW] Nam Woo Hyun reveals how much he misses Brazilian fans and talks about his new album “With”

For the joy of Inspirits everywhere: Nam Woo Hyun is back! INFINITE‘s main vocalist released his fourth mini-album – With – on Tuesday. The release is his first since his military discharge. Bringing a more vibrant image than his previous solos, Nam Woo Hyun revealed that he worked hard to produce the new tracks.

Among the promotions, Nam Woo Hyun sat with KoreaIN to tell us about the creative process of the album, reveal a hidden talent that he wanted to show fans, and recall his memories of the concert that INFINITE had in Brazil back in 2014. Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: “With” will be your first release since your discharge from the military. What are your expectations for it?

Nam Woo Hyun: For this album, I worked very hard to show cool performances. I hope you can feel my explosive energy during my performances. I prepared myself a lot, so give lots of love for this comeback.

KoreaIN: Can you please share some of the inspirations and tell us about the creative process behind “With”?

Nam Woo Hyun: I was very worried and thought a lot about what I wanted to show in this album. I often create a lot of pictures in my head when I think of a new album. I wanted “With” to show a good image, one that could show how much I dedicated myself during all this time. I really liked the final result and I’m very satisfied. Concerning the creative process, I watched many movies and used my imagination a lot.

KoreaIN: In your songs, you have collaborated with many artists and some of them with different styles. What’s your secret to showing different colors and harmony?

Nam Woo Hyun: I think the secret is to consider that each person and combine the pieces like a puzzle. I believe I can make a good combination with anyone. So, anytime, if any artist is reading it and wants to make a collaboration, just call me.

KoreaIN: You have different talents, such as acting. What other hidden talents would you like to show your fans?

Nam Woo Hyun: I really like football. Since I enjoy playing football, I want to show my fans this side. I will work hard to be able to show myself running through a football field.

KoreaIN: With more than 10 years since your debut, you are a veteran in the industry. What’s your relation with younger artists?

Nam Woo Hyun: There are not many opportunities for meeting, but I’m always in touch with the boys from Golden Child.

KoreaIN: You came to Brazil along with INFINITE members back in 2014. Do you still have any unforgettable memories from this day?

Nam Woo Hyun: When we went to Brazil, I went sightseeing a lot and ate many delicious kinds of food. But what I have more vivid in my memory is how Brazilian fans are passionate and cheerful. I ask myself what these fans are doing now. Where are they?

We also asked Nam Woo Hyun to make a ranking of different (and random) things. Check what he said:

– Songs you’ve been listening to a lot lately:
Nam Woo Hyun: I’ve been listening to my own songs. I can’t help it. The one I most listen to lately is “Calm&Passion”. Second, “Lonely Night”. And third “My Diary”. I’ve been listening to all the songs of the album, but mostly these three.

– Things to do on a day off:
Nam Woo Hyun: Writing songs, playing video games, playing football, doing sports. This is how I spend my days off. Or I drink alone.

– Things you don’t leave home without:
Nam Woo Hyun: Earphone and cellphone.

– Tips to take care of your voice:
Nam Woo Hyun: I drink campanula or pear juice. And that’s it. Actually, I don’t know if it really works but people say it is good, so I drink it.

– Korean dishes you would recommend to your fans:
Nam Woo Hyun: Samgyeopsal, because my mom owns a samgyeopsal restaurant. So, when you visit Korea, come to the restaurant for a good experience. Grilled spicy chicken ribs because my dad sells them. So that’s it. As the son of samgyeopsal and grilled spicy chicken ribs restaurant owners at least once a month I go there to eat. It’s very delicious and I can’t help it. It’s insane but I can’t escape. This is to show how delicious it is. In third place, Kimchi-jjigae. If you put instant ramyu… ah. With two or three rice servings… Yeah… Bon appétit.

Check the video of the interview:

Last but not least, we asked Nam Woo Hyun to leave a message to Brazilian fans:

Brazilian fans, te amo Brasil! I miss you a lot and really want to meet you again. I don’t know how you are and I know Korea is very far away, but I know you’ve been in touch with me through your hearts and still send me lots of love. Thank you so much! I hope this corona situation ends soon so we could meet and build more memories together. That would be great. See you soon, Brazilian fans!

With is available on all streaming platforms and also on Woollim Entertainment‘s channel on YouTube along with the video of Calm&Passion. Nam Woo Hyun also left a video message for his Brazilian fans through KoreaIN. Check it below:

Image: Woollim Entertainment
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