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[INTERVIEW] KIM YO HAN reveals his goals for 2022 and the challenges he faced as an actor and singer

If we could sum up KIM YO HAN‘s career right now with one expression, it would be: He’s lit! The singer has recently released his newest solo, the mini-album Illusion, and has hit the screens with his second main role on School 2021, whose last chapter will be airing on the 13th. During the promotions of his most recent release, the singer and WEi‘s member gave an exclusive interview to KoreaIN, his first-ever with Brazilian media. On a casual chat, he talked about the preparation for his comeback and for his roles, his goals, how he manage to balance his projects, and sent a message to Brazilian RUi.

Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: Congratulations on your new release! Please tell us a bit more about the ‘Illusion’ mini album. How was the preparation for it, and how do you feel now that it’s finally out?

KIM YO HAN: Hello, I’m KIM YO HAN. Thank you for congratulating me on my newest album. This album, Illusion, combines the fantasy that everyone dreams about, something like the meaning of the word “illusion”, hallucination, and the sophistication that shows how fantasies are refined in a state of dream fantasy itself. The title song, DESSERT, has a funk disco style with a full of groove baseline. It’s a song that combines a catchy melody with a simple yet upbeat beat. It’s a song that compares a dangerous love, one that it’s impossible to escape from the other person’s charm, with a dessert. Please, wait for the new side of me that I show on this album.

KoreaIN: The concept this time is quite different from your past song ‘No More’. You are showing a more charismatic and sexy side. How was this transition between both concepts, and which one do you feel fits KIM YO HAN the most?

KIM YO HAN: On the past single, No More, I sang about a cute-type love. This time, I think I tried to express a sexier love, with a fancier side. I still don’t know which of those sides fits me better, but I want to try to show many versions of myself. After listening to No More and DESSERT, tell me which style you think fits me better. I’m curious.

KoreaIN: As an actor, how did you prepare for your roles and what challenges did you face while doing it?

KIM YO HAN: When the role is decided and we receive the script, I first analyze the character. I think I first analyze the character’s personality, relationships, situation, environment, among other things while thinking about how to portray it well when acting. I think this is the hardest part because I still lack confidence in how to act better.

KoreaIN: What kind of artist would you like to be remembered as? What’s the first thought you would like people to have in their minds when they think of you?

KIM YO HAN: Literally, I want to be remembered as an artist. I want to be remembered as a versatile artist who is good at acting and singing.

KoreaIN: How do you manage to balance all the activities you have? What do you do when you feel you need to recharge?

KIM YO HAN: When I find time to recharge, I sleep and drive around. Also, I cheer up by looking at the messages from fans.

KoreaIN: As your first interview to a Brazilian outlet, can you share with us the things that you know or heard before about Brazil and Brazilian culture? Did you hear any songs or artists? Maybe have interacted with Brazilian fans online before?

KIM YO HAN: Actually, I don’t know much about Brazilian culture. So I want to get to know more and even visit there once. So, if any of my Brazilian fans are there, please let me know more about Brazil.

KoreaIN: This is your first time talking to Brazilian RUi. What message would you like to tell them for 2022?

KIM YO HAN: For the past two years, the situation hasn’t been very good. So I could not meet my fans. Even in a situation like this, I was able to stay happy thanks to the fans that support me even from far away. I hope the day we meet comes soon. Until this day comes, please don’t get hurt and take care of your health. Now and in the future, please, watch over my activities with affection. Thank you.

The singer also sent a video message through KoreaIN. Check it below:

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Translation: Jeiciane Torres, Ilgaz Gocen e Ramona Albu
English version by Greyce Oliveira
Image: OUI Entertainment
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