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[INTERVIEW] MIRAE talks about their Rookie of the Year Award and plans for 2022

MIRAE debuted on March 17 2021 and, ever since, has gathered fans all over the world. Consisting of LEE JUN HYUK, LIEN, YOO DO HYUN, KHAEL, SON DONG PYO, PARK SI YOUNG, and JANG YU BIN, the boy group managed by DSP MEDIA debuted with the mini-album KILLA and was the first-ever rookie group to reach one million followers on TikTok. The septet has also won the Male Rookie award at Korea First Brand Awards and Male Rookie of the Year award at Mnet Japan Fan’s Choice Awards.

On January 12, the MIRAE released Marvelous, their third mini-album. Including six tracks, the group did not fail to deliver a futuristic concept, this time with upbeat and refreshing songs. In an interview with KoreaIN, the members talked about the production of the album, their goals for 2022, and thanked the support from NOW.

Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: Hello. It’s a pleasure to talk to you. We appreciate that. How have you been these days?

LIEN: We are back with our third mini-album – Marvelous – and we are meeting our fans at music shows, and following our scheduled activities.

JANG YU BIN: We worked hard for this comeback so we could perform in front of our fans. The rehearsals were intense and we had a lot of fun. And, during this time, we talked a lot with NOW.

KoreaIN: Congratulations on the release of Marvelous! Could you tell us a little about the preparation and the creative process behind your third mini-album?

YOO DO HYUN: Marvelous is a very good song on the first listening. When we heard it for the first time, all members agreed that it was very good. While rehearsing the dance, the choreography was fun and cute. So we were able to have a lot of fun during the preparations.

KHAEL: While preparing for this album, I personally felt like I still had a lot to improve. During the preparations for the title track, I remember recording the rehearsals because I wanted to express well the feeling of the choreography on the chorus.

KoreaIN: Marvelous has a different vibe from KILLA and Splash, your previous title tracks, showing a new side of you. Was there any difficulty when trying this new concept?

LEE JUN HYUK: It was more fun than hard. Marvelous concept matches us well, so we had a lot of fun taking the concept photos and shooting the video.

SON DONG PYO: I was excited because it’s a concept that could naturally mix with MIRAE. I hope NOW loves it a lot as well.

PARK SI YOUNG: I thought it would match MIRAE’s image well. More than difficulties, I like it a lot and was looking forward to it.

KoreaIN: MIRAE will celebrate its first anniversary in March! What has changed most from your debut until now and what has not changed at all?

YOO DO HYUN: We release 3 albums in a year. What has changed most and matured now compared with our debut it’s the consideration and the understanding that we have one for another at MIRAE. Each of us got more responsibility in our roles. But our love for NOW and our mentality of always improving are still the same.

PARK SI YOUNG: I think my abilities are better when compared with before and I was also able to strengthen my heart. Our love for NOW will never change. It’s always growing!

KoreaIN: What’s the biggest highlight in your career so far and what do you expect for 2022?

LEE JUN HYUK: I think the biggest highlight is that we won the Rookie of the Year Award since the beginning of Marvelous promotions. I really want to be at awards ceremonies at the end of the year.

LIEN: I think the highlight was receiving the Rookie of the Year Award, which was MIRAE’s goal. This year, I will show our growth.

SON DONG PYO: Meeting our NOW is the biggest highlight. Every moment with NOW is a highlight! In 2022, I will be an artist that gives strength to people.

KoreaIN: To those who still don’t know the group, which song better reflects MIRAE’s image?

KHAEL and JUNG YU BINIt’s Marvelous!

KHAEL: I think the parts sang by all members are perfect and it’s a song that portrays well each member’s charm.

JANG YU BIN: The song of the first and second albums are good, but I think the third album Marvelous is the right color for us. It’s very good because it has a strong and refreshing vibe.

KoreaIN: Do you have any secret talent that would like to show NOW soon?

YOO DO HYUN: I will work hard to show the charms I’ve already shown you. Recently, I showed my charm dancing to CL’s Spicy.

KHAEL: I want to show my drawings. I’m not very good at it, but I like drawing.

KoreaIN: MIRAE has many fans in Brazil that support the members with great passion. We would like to know what do you know about Brazil and if you dream of coming and meeting Brazilian NOW in the future.

YOO DO HYUN: I watched the movie Rio when I was a child and I remember that it is set in Brazil! I remember the colorful samba, the Carnival festival, and how amazing the big Jesus statue was! I saw that and I thought that I really wanted to visit Brazil. I really want to meet Brazilian NOW! I was never able to see them in person due to COVID-19, so I want to when the pandemics end. I want to go now, see your faces, perform, and talk to you! Brazilian NOW, I love you! Te amo!

JANG YU BINBrazil is famous for soccer! I can play soccer well, so I want to go to Brazil to play with NOW! I want to meet Brazilian NOW, talk to them and meet them in concerts and fanmeetings.

PARK SI YOUNGI want to meet Brazilian NOW and do the Marvelous challenge together!

KoreaIN: It was an honor to get to know more about MIRAE and your songs. So, to close this interview, what message would you like to send to all NOW who are reading it right now?

LEE JUN HYUK: NOW, thank you for loving us and listen to our songs. We want to meet and talk to you a lot when COVID-19 ends. I love you!

LIEN: Thank you so much for last year. And let’s be very happy in 2022. Thank you always and I love you a lot!

KHAEL: Brazilian NOW! Thank you for always loving MIRAE. I love you. I hope the situation gets better soon so we can meet!

SON DONG PYOOur NOW!! This time we added a tablespoon of freshness and a tablespoon of dream for this addicting song that Marvelous is! Let’s make many happy memories this time too!

The group also sent a video message via KoreaIN. Check it:

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Translation: Carol Akioka and Giovanna Nogueira
English version: Greyce Oliveira
Images: DSP Media
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