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[INTERVIEW] VICTON members reflect on the past and the future for their newest single ‘Chronograph’

When it comes to VICTON, we can say that – as their album said – the future is now. The group has started their TIME CHRONOLOGY with the release of the 3rd single album [Chronograph] and has gathered the fans’ attention and curiosity.

During the promotions of the single, the group found some time to talk to KoreaIN for an exclusive interview – their first-ever with a Brazilian media outlet – and reveal their expectations for this release, the love for ALICE, and what they expect from 2022.

Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: You are back with your 3rd single album [Chronograph]. Congratulations. Could you introduce your new songs? What were your inspirations and expectations for this release?

Chan: The title track [Chronograph] brings a message: “I will spend all my time with you”. Through it, you will feel VICTON’s cool and refreshing vibe. It’s very exciting for us to be able to give such a nice song to Brazilian ALICE.

Sejun: That’s true! And let me introduce the B-side. “Want Me” has a message of reviving a relationship that was lost in the process of scaping from the time. And the English version of the main track [Chronograph] is also included! Don’t forget to listen to it!

KoreaIN: How about the ‘2022 VICTON TIME TRILOGY’? What can we expect from this project? Could you share and explain a little about it?

Seungsik: I think the TIME TRILOGY video released on January 1 has attracted a lot of curiosity. The beginning of this first chapter is [Chronograph] album. We have plans of showing a more mature VICTON inside the theme “Time”. I hope you spend this time with us. Let’s spend a very busy year with VICTON in 2022, folks! Look forward to it!

KoreaIN: Which VICTON song would you most like to indicate to Brazilian ALICE?

SeungSik: I wanted to say [Chronograph] but I think they’ll listen to it a lot already. I want to recommend the b-side Want me. Want Me is a very good song. I hope many people listen to it and I recommend it because I think it would be interesting to make an analogy of what message we are trying to deliver with this song.

Chan: Ditto. I also wanted to recommend a song from this album. But, if I had to choose the song I like the most, I like “Farewell” – from one of our albums – a lot. I recommend it because it was the first time we produced a song like that and it’s a song that I believe I’ll listen to it even in the future when I’m older.

SeJun: Among all albums, I recommend “Flip a Coin”. The two other songs that were mentioned are very good too, but I recommend “Flip a Coin” because we can have more fun and I think our members express well and make a good performance with it.

KoreaIN: Speaking of time: How do you spend your daily time? If you had more than 24 hours in a day, what would you like to do between things you’ve never done before or the ones you’ve done only a few times?

HanSe: If the day had more than 24 hours, I think I’d sleep some more. It is said that sleeping is a Panacea [medicine that supposedly cures all illness and prolongs life indefinitely], right? Sleeping is important, folks! Sweet dreams. Thank you.

SuBin: In my case, I think I’ll spend my time on self-improvement or with my hobbies. There were times when I had to delay my hobbies due to work.

ByungChan: I think I’ll probably have more hobbies. Time is short and sometimes it’s difficult to access many things at night. So my will of enjoying a little more and have some free time is big. That’s why I think I’ll enjoy my hobbies.

KoreaIN: The group has been active during all the pandemic period. From the release of your first album ‘Voice: The Future is Now’, the previous ones ‘Continuous’ and ‘MayDay’. Besides that, you were nominated for many awards and won a Bonsang. How was last year for you? What challenges did you have and how did creating songs help you during those difficult times?

SeungSik: Last year was 2021, right? In 2021, we had a lot of time to promote “What I Said” and also focus on our individual activities as a whole. Since I also had this time, I think the time we, members, spend together is very special and I can trust them. So I think it was a very good time. Through this, I talked to the members during the preparation for the album and I think that these things inspired me.

Chan: For me, I think 2021 was filled with happy and sad moments. Of course, there were many good days, but there were others with incidents. But our fans always supported, loved us, and gave us attention. So we stood up again and had the opportunity to release [Chronograph]. I believe that because of those ups and downs we were able to return brighter.

KoreaIN: As your first interview for a Brazilian media, could you share with us the things you know or have heard about Brazil and Brazilian culture? Have you heard or do you like any song or artist?

HanSe: The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Brazil is a Samba festival full of passion. I also think of the Amazon, the so-called “lungs of the Earth”, and football. I also can’t leave music behind. When I released my solo [BLAZE], I looked for content with Brazilian artists, I remember there were many elements of pop and many positive songs that are good for listening to and getting strength in hard times. Many good memories come to mind.

KoreaIN: Brazilian fans are always interacting with the group. Was there any message, slang, or Brazilian word that you read or learned on the comments that was memorable for the group?

SuBin: Among the comments from Brazilian fans, I found “Jung SuBin é bonito” impressive. This means I’m handsome. I felt grateful and it made me feel good.

ByungChan: I saw a comment saying “Boa noite, ByungChan!” It means they are wishing I sleep well. I believe they said it because I sleep a lot. Brazilian ALICEs, thanks to your love, I will have nice dreams and a happy night.

KoreaIN: Now that we are almost ending the interview, what message would you like to say to Brazilian ALICEs to 2022?

SuBin: First of all, 2021 is gone and we are in 2022. Just like 2021 wasn’t an easy year, I’ll hope that 2022 will be happier and with less sad moments! We’ll show many activities and a good side so we can add a little happiness and strenght in your life, so please give us lots of love and attention. Take care of your health and I hope we’ll continue to build many good memories in the future. Tchau!

You can also check the full interview in video:

Translation: Giovanna Nogueira
English version: Greyce Oliveira
Image: IST Entertainment
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