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[INTERVIEW] KANG IN SOO talks about the challenges of BL dramas and receiving love from fans worldwide

The growing success of Asian productions has spread all over the world and gathered fans in many different countries. One of the genres that have been successful in this wave is the so-called BL, short for “Boys Love“, which brings stories focused on the love between boys.

If you’re already familiar with BLs, you probably already know KANG IN SOO, one of the main stars of Wish You. The singer-turned-actor has won many hearts thanks to his multiple talents and unique charisma.

KANG IN SOO debuted in 2011 as part of the idol group MYNAME. Among remarkable works, he gave one step further and decided to go solo, releasing songs bringing different charms and playing roles that highlighted his abilities on-screen.

In 2021, he became worldwide famous for his role in Wish You, a BL about a relationship in the musical industry. Playing a role named after himself, KANG IN SOO was a rookie singer that faces the hardships of success but finds comfort in a friend who works as a lyricist in the same company.

The huge success of the drama made it possible to produce a movie derived from the story. The final result was distributed by Netflix.

After the success, the artist has continued his solo projects, such as a role on the historic BL Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding and the release of his latest digital single, Love Yourself.

Despite his busy schedule, KANG IN SOO found some time to talk to KoreaIN and talk about his career, fans, and plans for 2022. Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: In the past few years, you had lots of projects that were loved worldwide. How was this journey through acting for you?

KANG IN SOO: First of all, I would like to thank everyone who gave me many opportunities since I started acting. I’m grateful for the journey I had so far, but I also had some personal regrets. So, I’ll show a better side of me in the future.

KoreaIN: In your latest projects, you were very active in the field of Boys Love dramas. Portraying LGBTQIA+, in dramas such as Wish You and Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding. How was your beginning in this type of story? Did you have any sort of concern?

KANG IN SOO: Choosing to play a role in the LGBTQIA+ genre was not easy in the beginning. So I studied if other actors were working on it as well and, after analyzing it, I decided to do it because I understood that it was just a field of acting among many others and there was no problem at all.

KoreaIN: Wish You received a lot of love from fans worldwide. What was your reaction when you realized all this love and recognition?

KANG IN SOO: Even now, I think Wish You is still receiving a lot of love from fans worldwide. I’m very grateful and a little ashamed, I believe it’s a little different from the music I’ve been making until now. I feel like acting projects continue to be loved through time. Of course, music can also be like this as well, but I think there is a difference due to the nature of the genre.

KoreaIN: Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding was the first South Korean Boys Love inside a historical background. How did it feel to be a pioneer of this representativeness of a genre that is so loved in the country?

KANG IN SOO: Historical drama was one of the genres that I really wanted to make. So I wanted to challenge myself even more, without worrying if it was Boys Love. That’s why I decided to be part of it and, as expected, historical dramas are hard and fun.

KoreaIN: So far, you have focused on romantic projects. Is there any other genre that you wish to be part of?

KANG IN SOO: I want to play a role in a noir or a police drama. I’ve been working on projects that demand physical efforts for a long time, so now I’m constantly taking care of my body to challenge myself in new genres.

KoreaIN: In Wish You, you play the role of a singer and in real life, you also work as a singer, both solo and as a member of MYNAME. Thinking about this, was there any characteristic of the role that you identified yourself with?

KANG IN SOO: Actually, the Kang In-soo in the drama was a character with financial freedom. We are completely different in this point of view, but I think the basic personality is a little alike. But I don’t think I’m the type of person that only does what I want (laughs). My MBTI is ISTP.

KoreaIN: Speaking of your solo career, in 2021 you released Love Yourself, a digital single that is calm and upbeat at the same time. What message would you like to give to people who listen to it?

KANG IN SOO: As the question suggests, I wanted the song to be heard in a soft way. It’s a song dedicated to my fans aiming to make people feel comfortable when listening to it.

KoreaIN: Before portraying a character or working on a song, do you seek a source of inspiration? Where do you get the creativity and motivation that you show through your artistic works?

KANG IN SOO: Actually, I usually listen to music and watch movies. In both cases, I keep watching and listening to the same movies I’ve already watched and songs I’ve listened to. Meanwhile, I try to find inspiration or mimic them to express the feelings I feel through them.

KoreaIN: Among your talents, we could also see your abilities with sports on the sports show Handsome Tigers. Do you have any other talent or hobby that your fans don’t know yet?

KANG IN SOO: Actually, I make an effort to communicate with my fans frequently. Because of that, I think I have no occult talent or hobby.

KoreaIN: Could you tell us a little about your projects and plans for 2022? Did you set any professional or personal goal for this year?

KANG IN SOO: I’d be lying if I say that I don’t have any ambitions for 2022, but I’ve only had disappointments for being full of expectations. Based on these experiences, in the future, I’m planning to make more effort than to have expectations. And, when receiving a good opportunity, I want to show good acting and good music.

KoreaIN: You have been receiving more support and recognition from fans all over the world. In Latin America, for example, you have a legion of fans that love you and your works. How do you feel with this love from the other side of the world?

KANG IN SOO: Honestly, I didn’t know I was receiving so much love from Latin America. I honestly hope and pray that this corona crisis would end soon and that I get the opportunity for me to meet and talk to you a little.

KoreaIN: Have you ever had any contact or experience with Brazil? Is there any possibility of you visiting the country in the future?

KANG IN SOO: I know there are MYgirls in Brazil. Brazil is a country to which I have lots of curiosity and expectations. I hope to have a chance to go there someday!

KoreaIN: Lastly, could you leave a message to the Brazilian fans who love and support you, as well as for those who’ll meet you through this interview?

KANG IN SOO: Thank you for sending me so much love from Brazil, a country so far from Korea. I’m looking forward to the day we meet. Keeping this gratitude in mind, I’ll return this love with good activities. Thank you and I love you.

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