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[INTERVIEW] STAYC open their hearts about success, the pressure of the industry, and gratitude to fans

When they were first introduced to fans with the single SO BAD, STAYC said what later would become the group’s slogan: “STAYC girls. It’s going down“. However, differently from what the sentence states, the only direction to which the group goes is towards the top. The group celebrated its first anniversary in November and has already been recognized by important awards such as the Gaon Chart Music Awards and the Seoul Music Awards.

In February, STAYC released their second mini-album YOUNG-LUV.COM along with the MV for the title track RUN2U. Though recent, the release has brought more glory to the sextet by selling over 150 thousand copies only on the first week after its release and bringing wins on music shows.

Still enjoying the success from ASAP and STEREOTYPE – which became viral on social media and brought even more fans for the group – Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J talked to KoreaIN about the preparation for the latest comeback, the pressure of the industry, and about Brazil. Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: First of all, thank you so much for talking to us. How have you been lately?

Yoon: After releasing our 2nd mini-album on the 21st, we’ve been working hard promoting RUN2U and we are meeting our fans. Just like we worked hard on the preparation of the album, we are doing the same and running a lot altogether.

KoreaIN: You are now back with YOUNG-LUV.COM. Congratulations. Was there any remarkable experience from the production you could share with us?

Seeun: In our MV for RUN2U there is a scene in which a heart wall explodes. That scene was not CGI, the wall really exploded. I remember I was shocked and scared because the noise was so loud. Besides that, the video has many scenarios, I hope people watch and like it.

KoreaIN: Your latest singles – ASAP and STEREOTYPE – have become massive hits and even became viral songs. What was your reaction when you noticed that your hard work had paid off? What did you think made people so addicted to those songs?

Sumin: I was very grateful to receive so much love that I could never imagine, to be honest. It really touched me and it was hard to believe. Even until now, it feels like a dream. Our fans liked the addicting parts of our songs and danced and sang with us. I want to enjoy our newest song RUN2U with them as well.

KoreaIN: How would you describe STAYC for someone who is getting to know more of you now. What kind of thoughts would you like people to have when they think of the name “STAYC”?

J: I’d like STAYC to be remembered as a group that always expresses their songs sincerely every moment.

KoreaIN: Last year you received your very first win on a music show. How did you feel?

Sieun: When we heard the news, the members looked at each others’ eyes and it felt very strange. So I got overwhelmed and I think I started crying, probably because the things we’ve been struggling with and worked together for have crossed my mind. I was so so grateful and that moment was precious. I thought I should work harder to make STAYC shine more.

KoreaIN: The group is relatively new and yet you have already achieved many awards and recognition. Do you feel any sort of pressure for the future because of that? What things do you expect to achieve this year?

Sumin: We’ve been feeling a lot of pressure since our debut. We didn’t want to let people down and we also wished to do our best to meet the expectations. However, RUN2U is a song that we felt very confident and were sure we could do well. This year, my goal is to meet sweet people around the world as soon as possible. And I hope all the members stay healthy during promotions.

KoreaIN: You’ve sung in Portuguese before, so you needed to learn a little bit of our language.  How was that experience? And what did you think of the final result?

Yoon: It was the first time I sang in Portuguese, so the pronunciation was a bit hard. Since I heard and sang it many times, I got used to the pronunciation and I felt it was charming, so I continued to listen to Brazilian songs after that. I don’t know what Brazilian fans will think of our pronunciation, but I tried to make it sound as natural as possible. The song was also a really good song, so I’m happy with the results.

KoreaIN: You went viral here in Brazil singing songs by Luisa Sonza and Gusttavo Lima, very famous artists here. Do you still listen to these songs or have you heard other Brazilian songs? What did you think about our music?

J: I really like Brazilian pronunciation because it rolls the tongue. Maybe that’s why I paid a lot of attention to that part when I sang and I remember having so much fun working on it.

KoreaIN: Have you ever interacted with Brazilian Swith on social media before? Do you have any memorable experiences from it?

J: I read a lot of messages from Brazilian fans on SNS. Many people are cheering for us, so I really want to see you in person, and I am so grateful just for your constant support from afar. It always gives me a lot of strength.

KoreaIN: STAYC has lots of fans in Brazil who support you passionately, especially on social media. What do you know about Brazil and can we expect a visit from you in the near future?

J: My aunt used to go to Brazil often, and she told me that sugar cane is delicious. So when I go to Brazil, I really want to try sugar cane! I want to perform on stage.

KoreaIN: It has been an honor to know more about STAYC members and music, so lastly, could you send a message to all of your fans reading this?

ISA: Swith! Thank you for always being with us and supporting us. We can only have strength and do well thanks to your support. We’ll work harder and show you great things, so please look forward to it and show us a lot of love! I love you.

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