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[INTERVIEW] Electronic duo High Tension talks about the challenges of being independent musicians

In 2015, two young South Korean men decided to join forces to produce music. Opting to follow the complex path of the independent scene, the duo spent some time making new songs just as a hobby. However, the partnership worked so well that both decided to turn it into an official project. Then, in December 2018, Park Kyeong Woo became Tempest e Oh Yun Gun became Ultrabang to, together, make High Tension.

The first single released by the duo was Cray:

Since then, years have passed and both have toured in many countries. Being influenced by some of the greatest EDM stars, the duo wishes of visiting more places around the world and conquering even more fans.

Having spent the last two years unable to meet their foreign fans due to the pandemics, High Tension talked to KoreaIN about how they create their songs, expectations for the future, and even mentioned a Brazilian singer that they know. Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: First of all, thanks for talking to us. How have you been lately?

High Tension: In February, we collaborated with the city of Gunpo, in South Korea, to release a song called High 군포 and the music video for it. We are also working on a second project with Gunpo City.

KoreaIN: Could you describe the creative process behind your songs? What are your main inspirations to write the lyrics?

High Tension: We often think of a sudden and spontaneous melody. We like to make music naturally and we don’t have Main Inspirations in our lyrics. Set the melody to suit the mood of the song and create the lyrics to suit the mood.

KoreaIN: How would you describe “High Tension” for someone who is getting to know the duo for the first time?

High Tension: Addictive melody! Exploding rhythm! We hope our music could be the driving force behind many people’s hearts.

KoreaIN: You have been active since 2018 and will celebrate 4 years of debut in December. What are the main changes that you were able to see and have been through since then?

High Tension: Since then, the world has seen a decline in performance or music culture due to the coronavirus. Also, we are independent musicians, which made it even more difficult. We need an agency or sponsor that can support us.

KoreaIN: Electronic music is full of complex subgenres and sometimes it’s hard to fit an artist in just one of them. Which style do you think matches High Tension more? What other rhythms would you point out as influences in your songs?

High Tension: We think Retro Sound and its addictive melody go well with High Tension’s music style. And Rhythm and Tempo influence our music style.

KoreaIN: What artists are you inspired by? Both Korean and international ones.

High Tension: We are influenced by top EDM artists such as Avicii, David Guetta, and Marshmello. We also love BTS, who made Korea shine.

KoreaIN: You have been to many countries before, but in the past two years, you were unable to travel due to COVID-19. What places are you planning to go soon as the pandemic ends?

High Tension: We’d like to go to Latin America. We know that Latin America is a place full of enthusiasm. If we were to go to Brazil, we would definitely like to try Churrasco and enjoy dancing and playing at a party and festival with music and drinks.

KoreaIN: Have you ever listened to any Brazilian song or artist? If so, what was it and what did you think of it?

High Tension: We know a singer named Francinne. She was introduced on a Korean broadcast. We often listen to her songs on YouTube. Also, many Brazilian songs are very attractive and exciting with their unique groove and atmosphere.

KoreaIN: What message would you like to leave to the Brazilian fans who are reading this interview right now?

High Tension: We would like to say that we would like to make a wonderful performance in Brazil if we can tour around Latin America in the future. We will definitely go to Brazil to see you someday. We ask you to send lots of love and check our songs. We love you.

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