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[INTERVIEW] JUST B talks about the experience in survival reality shows, favorite artists, and the group’s synergy

JUST B is a different kind of group. Though their debut was not long ago, the first anniversary will be celebrated in June, the group has been under the public’s eye for quite some time. Five of its members have been in survival shows (competitive TV programs that select trainees for temporary groups) and, since then, have combined their talents to become Bluedot Entertainment‘s newest group.

GEONUBAIN, LIM JIMINJMDY, and SANGWOO already have great synergy among them, now they also aim to start producing their own songs. A little after the release of JUST BEGUN, the latest mini-album that was introduced to fans this April, KoreaIN talked to the group about their vast experience, the next steps of their career, and how grateful they are for their fans.

Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: JUST B is a very loved new group and, until your last comeback, has released a mini-album and a single album with totally different songs. While “DAMAGE” had rock beats, “TICK TOCK” had a more electronic vibe. How did you feel while working with each concept?

LIM JIMIN: First of all, we would like to thank our beloved ONLY B. The vibes of the songs are, indeed, different, but the topic ‘anger’ and our energy are common in both of them. So I think we focused on sending a similar yet different feeling at the same time. We have many opportunities to work on many songs in the future, I felt that we should “melt” our colors and adopt different expressions so you can feel the differences every time we release new songs.

KoreaIN: Your debut song – “DAMAGE” – was produced by Bang Yongguk. How does it feel to start your career close with this veteran? Did you receive any advice from him?

GEONU: From the moment we started working with Bang Yongguk sunbaenim, we realized that we were really going to debut. Every time we got nervous, he supported us and helped us relax and focus. And, based on his own experiences that he faced himself, he gave us much good advice. Even now, we are still grateful for him.

KoreaIN: Both “DAMAGE” and “TICK TOCK” MVs have lots of storytelling, but “TRY” is more of a visual king of MV. Shall we expect to follow more about this story on the next comebacks? Or a more visual release?

BAIN: In the previous releases, we expressed inner and outer anger, but this time, our title track “RE=LOAD” brings the theme of getting rid of the anger. We worked hard to make a video that you could appreciate not only for the storytelling, but that is also fun to watch visually. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, make sure to do it.

KoreaIN: Still concerning the MVs, both follow a futuristic vibe with visual effects. Did you have any challenges while working on it? What was the easiest and hardest part of the filming process?

JM: The futuristic vibe has more incredible and fun things than I imagined. I think we had a lot of fun wearing clothes we’ve never worn before and visiting incredible sets. Thinking of the pros and cons, we usually shoot inside studios. I think that’s the biggest advantage since there are no restrictions from an outdoor environment. About the disadvantages, I don’t think there were any. I really like it because we felt the emotions and excitement during the shooting.

KoreaIN: Most of you have participated in survival programs. In DY’s case, he won the reality show and was even in another group before JUST B. What are the biggest lessons you carry after this experience?

DY: While I was promoting with the previous group, I had lots of experiences, such as being in TV shows and recordings. Because of that, I could feel that having consideration among the members is very important. So, even now, not only me but all the members have in mind that we should be considerate with each other. I believe that due to this we have a good synergy when we are recording or promoting.

KoreaIN: Your dancing skills are worthy of praise and ONLY B know that you are also involved in the creation of the choreographies. How is the preparation process?

GEONU: Thank you so much for appreciating our choreographies. Many people are curious about that, so we made a vlog. In the process of making a choreography, I first listen to the song and try to feel it. Listening to and feeling the song, I move my body constantly to find the right movements for the song and then I finish the choreography. And this time [the choreography on the vlog], the members helped me actively by giving their opinions. So I think the result was better.

KoreaIN: Besides the choreographies, do you wish to get involved in other processes of your songs, such as production or writing?

DY: I think the process of producing a song itself is one of the ways we express our colors. So, somehow, I think it’s natural to have ambition related to the production. Even now, we are working hard on the lyrics and songwriting and we’ll do our best to express our group in the future.

KoreaIN: How would you describe JUST B in just one phrase? Which song do you think reflects JUST B colors better?

SANGWOO: I think it’s “DAMAGE”, it’s a song that made JUST B known after debut and it’s also a song in which we all could be part of the details for the first time.

JM: I think it’s “RE=LOAD”, the main song of our latest mini-album. We are constantly releasing new concepts and new songs, I think the fact of showing this range of releases is JUST B’s unique color, that’s why I choose “RE=LOAD”.

KoreaIN: What artists are your inspirations for music, dance, performance, or in life?

LIM JIMIN: It’s BTS. Seeing BTS sunbaenims I nurtured my dreams and since I was a trainee I covered many BTS songs. Observing BTS, who gives us a good influence through music, I started to wish to become a singer who can give a good influence.

SANGWOO: For me, it’s Justin Bieber. When I was young I saw a lot of Justin Bieber’s performance videos and nurtured my dream of becoming a singer. In the future, I want to become an incredible artist that’s able to digest different songs just like Justin Bieber does.

KoreaIN: What are your goals for 2022 and for the first anniversary of the group in June?

BAIN: I hope we can show a more mature image than 1 year ago. Our goal is to show incredible performances, talk to and become closer to ONLY B, and spend 2022 healthy and happy.

SANGWOO: I want to have more diverse experiences with ONLY B. I was a little upset because we hardly had chances to see ONLY B in person last year. This year, if the situation gets better, I want to meet them at concerts, fanmeetings, and others. I want to meet ONLY BE in person other days too.

Check the video with JUST B on KoreaIN‘s YouTube channel:

Korean translation by Giovanna Nogueira
English version by Greyce Oliveira
Image: Bluedot Entertainment
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