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[INTERVIEW] KWON EUN BI talks about “Color” mini-album and the new phase of her solo career

Versatility is one of KWON EUN BI‘s artistic traits. Though having debuted as a soloist in August 2021, the singer is already known and experienced in the industry as she was one of the trainees of the survival reality Produce 48 and became the leader of IZ*ONE, one of the biggest names in k-pop over the past few years.

Right after the end of the group promotions, KWON EUN BI introduced to fans her own universe with Door – the single of the mini-album Open – to, as she said herself: “open a new side of me as a soloist artist“.

Now, the singer continues her journey with Color, her second release. A little after the comeback, she talked to KoreaIN about her newest single Glitch, her expectations for this new phase in her career, and her wishes to come to Brazil.

Check the full interview below!

KoreaIN: Hello, Eun Bi! First of all, thanks a lot for talking to us. How have you been lately?

KWON EUN BI: I recently released my second mini-album ‘Color’, so I’m working hard on the promotions.

KoreaIN: You are back with Color and the MV of the title-track Glitch has already surpassed millions of views. Congratulations! How do you feel about this reception from the fans?

KWON EUN BI: I think this video is amazing. I am very grateful for receiving so much attention and I want to show my many sides through this comeback.

KoreaIN: What did you try to show with this comeback? What were the challenges and the most remarkable moments of this process?

KWON EUN BI: With ‘Color’, I wanted to show my inner side. During the preparation of this album, I think a was very worried about how to show colorful songs.

KoreaIN: You showed your talent as a songwriter with Door, Rain, and now with OFF. What are your main inspirations when writing?

KWON EUN BI: ‘OFF’ was written on a sleepless night and, just like its content, it is a soothing song for you to hear at night when you can’t sleep. I hope you get much comfort when listening to this song.

KoreaIN: You tried different music styles in your releases. What type of music or concept would you like to try in the future?

KWON EUN BI: If there’s an opportunity, I would like to challenge myself to sing in a band, which I have never tried.

KoreaIN: You and IZ*ONE are very loved in Brazil. How much do you know about our country and culture?

KWON EUN BI: I know that football, Carnival, and samba are very famous.

KoreaIN: Is there any Brazilian or Latin artist that you know, listen to, or have heard of?

KWON EUN BI: I know a singer called Anitta!

KoreaIN: Your Brazilian fans want to see you in person as soon as possible. Do you have any plans to go to Brazil?

KWON EUN BI: If I have a chance, I definitely want to go to Brazil.

KoreaIN: Thank you so much for talking to us! We are very happy and honored to talk to you. Finally, what message would you like to say to the fans who are reading this interview?

KWON EUN BI: I am finally back with my second mini-album ‘Color’. It is full of colorful songs, so, please, give me a lot of love.

Color, Open, and all KWON EUN BI‘s discography are available on the best music streaming platforms.

Korean translation: Giovanna Nogueira
English version: Greyce Oliveira
Special thanks to MJ TONZ Entertainment
Image: Woolim Entertainment
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