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[INTERVIEW] woo!ah! shares backstage stories and comments on new concept

Two years ago, woo!ah! made its debut with a homonymous single. Back then, the world was facing the COVID-19 pandemic and nobody could know when we would be able to see live performances again.

Now, in 2022, the group returns with its first mini-album bringing, as the title says, lots of JOY to fans with happy and dancing songs that have already become a trademark of the group. To celebrate the release, KoreaIN sat down with NANA, WOOYEON, SORA, LUCY, and MINSEO about the preparation of the album, their inspirations, and expectations to meet fans.

Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: Hello, girls. Thanks for having us. First of all, how have you been lately?

NANA: Hello, KoreaIN fans! I’m NANA. It’s a pleasure! We are back with our first mini-album and we’ve been busy! Besides that, I have a lot of work, such as drama shooting, MC activities, and so on. I’m having many useful days with WOW!

WOOYEON: Hello! It’s a pleasure. I’m WOOYEON! Lately, we’re having very busy and happy days with the activities of our new mini-album JOY!

SORA: Hello! I’m SORA. We released our 1st mini-album on June 9 and we’re working hard with our title track Danger!! Are you having fun with us?

LUCY: Hello! I’m talking to you for the first time. I’m LUCY! Lately, I’ve been living fun days which I’m proud of while I take part in the JOY activities with my members!

MINSEO: Hello! I’m MINSEO. It’s a pleasure to meet you! Our 1st mini-album JOY was released on June 9, we are working hard with the title track Danger!

KoreaIN: Congratulations on the release of your first mini-album, “JOY”. Can you talk a little bit about the preparation behind the album concept?

NANA: Thank you! I think the most exciting part of the process of the preparation of the album was choosing the track and recording it. There were many songs that I liked so much that I couldn’t say which were better or worse, so I have a good emotional memory. I remember we liked our title track Danger so much that we worked hard to make it the promotional track (laughs).

WOOYEON: It’s a mini-album that not only us, but our fans were waiting for a long time, so we had a lot of preparation! Speaking of the backstage during the preparation, this time we talked a lot about the concept, the structure of the album, outfits, hair, etc. And we had lots of ideas! So I think it’s an album that I’m much prouder of and feel affection for.

SORA: Thank you! Actually, this album has very good songs, each one of them. I thought a lot before choosing the title track and I remember the many conversations we had backstage among us members! ^^

LUCY: There are many backstage stories. The most memorable episode was dancing on a set with lots of sand for one of the group dance scenes of the MV, it was fun to see the members laughing while shaking their shoes that were full of sand every time we danced!

MINSEO: I think I practiced many parts such as the choreography and the facial expressions to bring the song feel as much as possible. I think we spent more time together synchronizing and practiced harder than ever.

KoreaIN: The main track “Danger” talks about a love that is addictive as sweets. What passion triggers the same feelings in you?

NANA: I think it’s the passion for the stage! There are people who get energy and heal by watching our performances… I hope you feel that way in the future.

WOOYEON: I think WOW’s heart and passion for the stage evoke these feelings for me!

SORA: It’s the first time we’re performing with Wow. At that moment! I think I’ve been falling for WOW. It’s a moment full of love and gratitude for the big fan chant! Danger!

KoreaIN: How would you describe woo!ah! to someone that is getting to know the group?

NANA: We want to be known as a group that makes you curious about their performances. First of all, skills are the most important, so I’m trying to develop steadily. I want to constantly surprise the public.

MINSEO: It may be too obvious, but I personally want to be known as a group with excellent skills and outstanding teamwork.

KoreaIN: The group celebrated the second anniversary this year after debuting amid the COVID-19 pandemic and not being able to see the fans for some time due to the social distancing rules. How was this period for you, and what are your plans to get closer to WOW now that the situation is getting better?

WOOYEON: It was a pity and we felt very sad for not being able to communicate closely with our fans and show more of us during the two years since our debut. As the situation gradually gets better, I’m really happy to be able to perform onstage with the fan chant and fans’ love for the first time and be with fans from all over the world. Of course that, if there’s a chance, we’d like to go wherever WOWs are, no matter where to share our energy with them and become closer!!

SORA: In the past two years, the situation was not good, so I got frustrated and felt sad for our fans. I’m happy to finally meet them in person, perform, and see them face to face at fanmeetings and fansigns. And there was an opportunity to meet Japanese fans, which is very good because I really wanted to see them!!

KoreaIN: The group’s abilities on the internet are praised by fans, especially on TikTok, where you surpassed 1.8 million followers. How do you feel about this, and how do you prepare the content to be posted there?

MINSEO: In the first place, I want to say thank you very much! We discuss our opinions among ourselves. I think we are recording what we want talking to one another! (laughs) TikTok is a short video, but in the final result it is possible to see if you practiced or not, so I practice a lot beforehand.

NANA: I worry about what’s the goal of the TikTok video I want to record and which concept I must apply to it. The goal is to get viewers’ attention in a short period of time. As a whole, I focus on the outfit, facial expressions, and gestures.

LUCY: We discuss among ourselves which challenge or dance video we want to do. We discuss previously checking the details such as facial expressions and feelings, making many attempts in the meantime!! So I think we are having good results (laughs).

KoreaIN: What artists inspired you to become singers? And which would you like to collaborate with in the future?

NANA: I respect BLACKPINK sunbaenim. Watching their performances, I continuously awoke my passion for being a singer. Since they are sunbaenims I really admire them when I see them, there are lots of things to see, feel, and learn. It would be an honor to work with them at least once.

WOOYEON: I nurtured my dream watching IU sunbaenim since I was a child. I always respected her and wanted to follow her example. I want to become an incredible artist that shows sincerity like her!

SORA: I respect TWICE sunbaenim! They have good teamwork and the power of making us happy just by looking at them, so I think I’d like to become a person who gives people this “power” that I received!

LUCY: Lee Hyori sunbaenim is my model and inspiration. She made me take the decision to become a singer, I think I shook every time watching her performances and energy onstage! If there’s an opportunity, I’d like to perform on the same stage as her!

MINSEO: It sounds like a dream! But It would be really, really good to collaborate with BLACKPINK’s Rosé sunbaenim (laughs).

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Korean translation: Giovannna Nogueira
English version: Greyce Oliveira
Image: NV Entertainment
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