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[INTERVIEW] BDC talks about versatility and “owning” the moon

In October 2019, the world was gifted a new trio to admire. Consisting of SIHUNSEONGJUN, and JUNGHWAN, the group was named BDC, an abbreviation for “Boys da Capo”, and debuted with the romantic single Remember Me. In Italian, “da capo” is used in scores and means “from the beginning”. In July, that was precisely what the trio did.

Their latest comeback with the single Blue Sky took them back to their origin with a soft ballad, different from their dancing phase with the trilogy THE INTERSECTION. Once again, the trio showed their talent to be able to do well regardless of the concept.

During the promotions, the group talked to KoreaIN about the preparation for the release, their versatility, and the jokes about the many tracks mentioning the moon that are part of their discography. Check the full conversation below.

KoreaIN: Hello, boys. Thanks for having us. Congratulations on the release of “Blue Sky”. How was the preparation for this comeback?

SIHUN: Since I’m a rapper, singing a ballad was a little hard in the beginning. Seongjun and Junghwan sing very well, so we practiced a lot not to break the balance.

SEONGJUN: Thank you! Since this album was released 10 months [after the previous comeback], I was excited and worried in case of showing a disappointing appearance, so I worked hard to prepare myself. While I was waiting for the release date, my feeling of showing you the album was huge.

JUNGHWAN: It’s a ballad, not an upbeat song. So, physically, I was less overwhelmed. However, I had to pay more attention to the song, so I remember observing the preparation just like I do with the dancing songs.

KoreaIN: Blue Sky reminds the style the group had in Remember Me. But, soon after its release, you followed a more optimistic concept on THE INTERSECTION trilogy. Does it feel familiar to go back to the romantic phase?

SIHUN: I know BDC can do well with all genres, so I think this concept was good too.

SEONGJUN: Returning to ballads was a challenge for us too, so I was very worried about competing only with vocals. It was weird and embarrassing in the beginning, but I think BDC’s unique sensibility is being well portrayed, so I like it now.

JUNGHWAN: I think we can digest well any concept, so I think I never thought of this concept as ‘strange’ or ‘weird’.

KoreaIN: You were contestants in Produce X 101 and had the opportunity to show your talents to the public before officially debuting. How was this experience and what changed before and after the debut?

SIHUN: Before the debut, I had a very ardent feeling about it. Now I am always working with the faith that everything will always come out well, I think that’s the biggest difference.

SEONGJUN: I think the most important is that our team got the name BDC and our precious FINE started.

JUNGHWAN: It doesn’t matter which stage we are on, we always make an effort to be honest. After the debut, I think the biggest difference is that I have the ambition to show better performances.

KoreaIN: Thanks to the many songs related to the moon, fans started different theories and made funny nicknames for the group. What do you think of those funny interactions and which “moon song” is your favorite?

SIHUN: I’ve been listening to ‘MOON RIDER’ a lot lately. ‘SHOOT THE MOON’, ‘MOON WALKER’, and ‘MOON RIDER’. I like all of them.

SEONGJUN: I found it cute seeing our FINE making jokes. My favorite song of the moon series is SHOOT THE MOON. I think it’s magnificent how the bass in SHOOT THE MOON triggers an inner dance in me every time I listen to it.

JUNGHWAN: We are grateful for those songs because they were able to show BDC’s color for a long time, so I’m attached to every song we show. Besides that, it doesn’t matter which nickname you call us, we know they are all with love. That’s why we are grateful every time we hear them.

Check the video message the group sent on KoreaIN‘s official YouTube channel:

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