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[INTERVIEW] MCND talks about inspirations behind #MOOD and their love for GEM

Certain groups are destined for artistic grandeur from the very start, opening along with every comeback a new era for their own path. Through unique songs, and by exploring narratives and storylines with their works, MCND began a real modern musical odyssey.

Right before the announcement of the pandemic, in February 2020, MCND kickstarted a new era, specifically an ICE AGE, their debut single which was the introduction for the following storylines that were about to be constructed throughout the following two years.

If MCND means “Music Creates New Dream”, the rush of moving that quintet – consisting of Win, Huijin, Minjae, BIC, and Castle J – is capable of making those dreams come true. In fact, this is the main focus for the members that between 2020 and 2021 released four mini-albums: Into the ICE AGE, EARTH AGE, MCND AGE, and THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter.1.

Shortly before beginning the second phase of their world tour, MCND released THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter.2 and the lead single, #MOOD.

In a new and exclusive interview, the boy group talked about the process of writing #MOOD, and discussed the meaning behind some of their most emblematic works and their shows in America.

Read the interview below.

KoreaIN: First of all, congratulations on your successful world tour! How do you feel about finally being able to connect with people worldwide in person?

Castle J: Thank you! Not long after we debuted, the pandemic of COVID-19 started. It was very unfortunate that we didn’t have many opportunities to meet our fans in person. But I’m very thankful and happy to meet our fans little by little, starting with the European tour in April and the North and South American tour in August. As much as you’ve waited for a long time, we’re preparing hard for the moment when we meet our fans through the tour

KoreaIN: MCND stands for “Music Creates New Dream”. From the debut until now, what do you think music and art can still lead you guys to accomplish?

BIC: I think MCND’s unique music makes our dream of becoming an idol come true. There is also support from GEM who love our music.

KoreaIN: As observed in PMG [Play Music Ground] and other contents about your producing process, your fingerprint is found in basically all the aspects of your career. Do you have plans to release more self-produced songs like “JUICE”?

Castle J: I, Castle J, took part in the production of #MOOD, too! #MOOD, the title song, is a hip-hop and dance song called “FUN & DYNAMIC” with MCND’s fun, exciting, and confident sides. With a strong beat, I filled it up with Castle J’s sensitive and unique, positive energy. If you listen to it, you’ll be able to get a lot of energy from MCND.

KoreaIN: What personal dreams do you still aim to achieve?

Castle J: I really want to win first place on a music show.

Minjae: Be on the top of a Billboard chart and get a win on a music show.

Huijun: We’re going to perform together on a big stage, receiving cheers from many GEMs.

Win: We will continue to show you our best selves that we haven’t shown during the pandemic.

KoreaIN: The group debuted right before the pandemic began. What are your expectations for the years to come, with more interactions and opportunities to meet GEMs?

Huijun: Since the pandemic began right after our debut, we had few opportunities to communicate directly with our fans. Starting from the European tour in April to the American tour in August, we have a chance to meet our fans in person, so I’m very grateful and happy. We will continue to spend more time communicating with GEM through fan meetings and events as well as tours.

KoreaIN: During the comebacks, you guys explored some unique concepts and storylines. What was the inspiration behind this new concept?

Castle J: This comeback album was inspired by various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. I searched and researched a lot of different content shown on these platforms. There, I studied with interest what content the MZ generation (Millenial and Generation Z) is enthusiastic about and what storyline they enjoy watching.

KoreaIN: After exploring the “ICE AGE”, “EARTH AGE”, and even the “MCND AGE”, you started a “Secret Mission”. What’s the main message in each era?

BIC: ICE AGE is a song that opens the door to the world. We expressed our own energy as “Cold and shining like ICE.”

Minjae: EARTH AGE brings the message that we arrived at the blue star that we had hoped for.

Huijun: MCND AGE contains MCND’s worldview after arriving at the Blue Star, and it contains strong aspirations to run without giving up under any circumstances.

Win: SECRET MISSION CHAPTER 1, 2 tells the story of MCND, who came to meet the fans to find the dream STAGE, and carried out the mission to steal the hearts of GEMs.

KoreaIN: What is next for the following comeback? What the GEMs can expect (besides amazing songs and astounding aesthetics)? Can we expect more mixtures of traditional Korean music and modern musical genres?

Castle J: I’m very excited to sing the songs. I participated in making the title song for the first time since my debut. I hope that GEM will enjoy it as much as we sincerely worked on it. The genre of mixing with Korean traditional music is a field that I want to try. I really like BTS’s “IDOL” too! Like that song, I want to make a song that brings out the unique concept of Korean tradition. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Check the dates for MCND‘s first America Tour:

  • Mexico City (MX) = August 22
  • Los Angeles (USA) = August 24
  • San Francisco (USA) = August 26
  • New York (USA) = August 28
  • Chicago (USA) = August 30
  • Toronto (CAN) = August 31

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