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[INTERVIEW] LEO recalls his career with VIXX and talks about his more mature side

Boy group member, soloist, composer, and musical actor. Many words can define Jung Taekwoon, better known by his stage name LEO. The singer is best known for beginning his career as a member of the boy group VIXX, from Jellyfish Entertainment, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of its debut in 2022.

Last year, he completed his military service and is now back on stage and on music shows as a more experienced and mature artist. After returning in style with a new mini-album, Piano Man Op.9, LEO talked to KoreaIN about the preparation for the release and his career so far.

Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: After being officially discharged from the military last year, you got back to the spotlight with a lot of activities, such as musicals, TV dramas, and solos. In 2021, you released the song “I’m Still Here” as a message for the fans and now you are releasing a new mini-album “Piano man Op. 9”. How did you prepare for this comeback, and what are your music inspirations now?

LEO: Regarding this album, “Piano man Op. 9”, I prepared it while participating in the musical Bungee Jumping of Their Own. I myself believe that I get inspiration from many places, whether from books, music, movies and even living day to day.

KoreaIN: It’s been a while since you started composing songs and today you are involved in all the tracks in your solo albums. Is it easier or harder to record music that you are creatively involved in so many parts?

LEO As I’ve been producing and writing and composing songs, I feel like I understand most songs and I feel that when I compose and sing I can take them in the direction I want. But when I’m recording the songs, there are still moments where I lack objectivity, so I have a lot of friends who work with music to help me.

KoreaIN: From Full House to Bungee Jumping of Their Own, you have worked in several musicals now. How do you prepare for each new musical and how does it differ from preparing for your own shows?

LEO: I think the only difference is the preparation method, but the process is the same. In the case of musicals, it is very important to give body to the character, the characteristics for him, and create a character that can flow well with the story. As for the songs, from the beginning, we decide which direction, “color” and type of music will be made. So I believe this basic process is the same, only the methods are different.

KoreaIN: VIXX is a big part of your career. How did that experience in a group help you to become the artist you are now?

LEO: I was able to meet my fans thanks to VIXX and because VIXX existed, I was able to play shows and build my career. I believe VIXX was my foundation. As a result, I was able to accumulate experience and many skills.

KoreaIN: The year 2022 marked 10 years of your debut as a singer with VIXX. What does this milestone mean to you?

LEO: These 10 years were not in vain and they served me as great nourishment, because of that, I was able to become more mature and serve me more years for me to mature. And I think those 10 years mean a new beginning for me.

KoreaIN: Thank you for your time. Finally, send a message to your Brazilian fans who have always rooted for you in the last 10 years.

LEO: I remember a lot of the presentations I did in Brazil. The memories of meeting my Brazilian fans, the food from Brazil, and the times we go out to buy coffee make me want to go back to Brazil, I really hope that the moment comes when I can meet them. I think it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, I hope we’re done soon and have a really good time together.

Check the special message LEO sent to his Brazilian fans on our YouTube channel:

By Paula Bastos Araripe
Image: Jellyfish Entertainment
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