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NoiX Entertainment’s Founder talks about future events in Latin America

Founded by Gonzalo García in 2004, NoiX Entertainment is known in Latin America as one of the pioneers in the industry of K-POP and J-ROCK concerts. After over 18 years of experience, NoiX has on its portfolio memorable and gigantic events, such as Music Bank and SMTown in Chile.

The company’s history in Brazil is also long track covered, a decade since their first event in Brazilian ground: XIA JUNSU (JYJ and former TVXQ member) in São Paulo, in 2012. It was also responsible for the Music Bank Brazil that brought to the country, in 2014, artists like SHINee, INFINITE, B.A.P, AILEE, CNBLUE, M.I.B, and MBLAQ.

After organizing the Music Bank 2022 in Chile and, more recently, promoting JAY B’s first concert in São Paulo, the company has even bigger plans for 2023. In order to discuss the history of NoiX Entertainment and future K-POP concerts in Brazil (and Latin America), we talked to the founder, Gonzalo García.

Check the complete interview below.

KoreaIN: Let’s start talking about the beginning. What was your main goal in founding NoiX Entertainment?

Gonzalo García: When I founded NoiX (in 2004) I was only thinking of creating a place where the fans of X Japan and other Japanese artists could enjoy their videos and music. At that time, we didn’t have YouTube or Facebook, so access to music videos and especially live concerts, was really limited, so we rented an old theatre, we brought a projector and with a screen made from recycled PVC, we projected videos for the fans on those days. So, it is quite unexpected, we started 18 years ago, doing “fans events” for 200 or 300 people, and now, we bring the artists to make “real live shows”. That’s why when we say “when dreams come true” it’s because, at that time, we always dreamed of having artists in our countries. And finally, we did it, and we will continue on dreaming with the future shows coming.

KoreaIN: NoiX has been managing and organizing huge and important events related to K-POP and Korean culture as a whole. What led you to explore this fruitful entertainment industry?

Gonzalo García: I love the Asian music industry, they have something very unique, the way they do things, the way they compose the music, and especially, the way K-POP does concerts and shows is something I really love to see. Because K-POP shows are very challenging, it’s not easy to make it, they take your capacity really to the limit, and we always run out of time (Chuckles). But when you see the artist on the stage, and you see all the effort when the audience begins to scream and enjoy the show, nothing in the world is compared to that feeling.

KoreaIN: How was K-POP in Latin America when you first started to explore this industry?

Gonzalo García: It was really really hard, local promoters in the other countries didn’t understand the Korean system, and local vendors couldn’t understand why they pushed the production so high. We struggled a lot! You can’t imagine. I remember my first show in Brazil in 2012 with XIA JUNSU in an antique venue, he requested pyrotechnics, and the local promoter got it! It was shocking to see a small show, only for 2.000 people, and a huge (gigantic) production. Wherever I go, always the vendors (light, sound, LED) who are the ones always working for all the big shows in each country, they say: Korean is the hardest and tough production in the world industry.

KoreaIN: And what are your predictions for the future of K-POP events in Latin America?

Gonzalo García: I believe K-POP has the ability to keep on improving, keep on making new stuff, and especially they find a way to always make things better and higher. I really want to unify and bring more shows, but especially big artists to countries that haven’t had the chance before. We did it in Mexico, when we started to build the market there. We could be part of incredible shows, like Super Junior in 2013, SHINee in 2014, and we brought BTS in 2015 as well…in Brazil we did an incredible Music Bank in 2014, and Monsta X in 2018. Argentina, with SUPER JUNIOR, MONSTA X, and GOT7 in 2018, so, now, I’m sure we can start to make amazing things in 2023 for many more people in Latin America.

KoreaIN: Could you tell us more about why did NoiX decide to take the structures and events to Brazil?

Gonzalo García: Brazil has always been on my plans, I did several shows and honestly, it was really hard… In some parts, I really want to give up. I said to myself: “I don’t want to do anything in Brazil anymore”, but I always was looking to keep trying and keep believing we could succeed. And in 2018, with MONSTA X was the first show we really were successful. But the pandemic stops our plans, but now, we come back with hope and an amazing project for Brazil 

KoreaIN: Now, after successful events in the past year, can you give a spoiler of what’s to come to Brazil in 2023?

Gonzalo García: I really want to do amazing shows and experiences for the Brazilian fandom, create unique and “once in lifetime” concerts and events. For sure we will try our best to make something nobody forgets, and our first K-POP show in Brazil in 2023 will be one of the biggest in the history of the country.

KoreaIN: What fans can expect from NoiX events? What makes you different from other companies?

Gonzalo García: We have been in the industry for a long time… Maybe in Brazil many people don’t know we were involved in many K-POP and J-ROCK shows, but now, we want to take that challenge, because we did amazing things not only in Chile, but in other countries as well. We are completely different, we are focused on K-POP and J-ROCK only, we breathe their songs, we think all day about how to make a better experience for the fandom, and we are always trying to break our limits.

KoreaIN: And finally: As a successful entrepreneur… What would you say is the key to success?

Gonzalo García: I don’t think I’m successful, maybe I’ll never think like that, I still have a lot to learn and make things better, because easy shows don’t exist, even if it is a small one, it has a challenge. Maybe I consider myself a dreamer, I am always following to impress and shock the audience, and create special memories for the artist too. Maybe that’s the way I would like to be recognized, we could change the artists’ and the audiences’ lives, by only making an amazing show in the end of the world.

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