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[INTERVIEW] For 24K a wish was reached: “The dream of going to Brazil is coming true!”

They’re known for mixing hip-hop, electronic, and pop rhythms like in the singles “U R So Cute”, “Super Fly” and “Still 24k”. The boys who are winning more and more love from kpop fans and are preparing for the world tour, with passage through Brazil. The 24K brazilian tour is a masterpiece between the producer Highway Star and the label Choeun Entertaiment. To meet the brazilian fans, the 24K, which will be made up of the active members Cory, Kisu, Jeunguk, Hui, Jinhong, Hongseob and Changsun, will travel with fansign through several capitals: Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and São Paulo. In addition, before even arriving in Brazil, the group talks (exclusively to KoreaIN Magazine) about their dream of getting to know the country and is eager to meet brazilians 24U.

KoreaIN: The group is already 4 years old. Who was 24K during debut era and who is 24K today? Did your inspirations and plans change after it?

Kisu: I think 24K after debut and now are totally different. When we debuted we were so fresh and naive, but I think now we are mature and can leave a deep sign! But our plans didn’t change. I hope that we would be able to show even more mature music from now on.

KoreaIN: Which song would you like to show for someone who is listening 24K for the first time? And why?

JeongUk: Bingo – it is the best song to express 24K unique style and we tried to send an important message from 24K members in the lyrics.

KoreaIN: Which kind of message do you want to deliver with your songs?

JeongUk: That is hard to say about what kind of message we want to transmit with our songs because each comeback is different and each message we are sending to our fans is different as well. Instead of this, I can say that each member wants to give to 24K listeners a powerful vibe telling them to not to give up in any situation. If you would be able to turn up listening to our songs, I will be really happy.

KoreaIN: In which artist do you inspire yourselves and take as a role model?

Changsun: My role model is Taemin from SHINee. First of all, I want to dance like he does. I really would like to dance like sumbae (Taemin) does on the stage and to sing songs. I know that it can be hard but watching sumbae, I understood that I want to be like him.

KoreaIN: Is there any concept you would like to try and didn’t have the opportunity yet?

Jinhong: Starting from 3rd mini album we tried different types of strong “man” concept. Personally, I want to try sweet “boyfriend” concept. I think it will suit us!

KoreaIN: We totally agree hehe <3 And what about you fans? Don’t you agree too?

KoreaIN: What are your goals as a group?

Hui: Our music has its own color and style. And all of our 24K members would like to become a role model for other artists.

KoreaIN: Have you ever experienced any strange or funny situations involving fans?

Cory: I feel like the international fans get their chance to really speak their minds when they run into me. I have heard some real outrageous stuff in the past (all funny and in good spirits) but real fans know my love for memes. One fan in particular asked to call me John Cena when we meet which was hilarious.

For those who do not know John Cena’s meme, here’s a video with some of the best compilations using this meme

In order to bring brazilian fans closer to 24K, we launched in our SNS a space so that they could send their questions and curiosities about the group. Below are the best questions of the Brazilians 24U!

Every time Cory poses for a picture, he puts his finger on his nose. Is there any meaning behind it?

Cory: I’m mad hygienic. Gotta keep them nose clean.

What was the most memorable thing from 24K debut?

Kisu: There are many memorable things for me, but even if it was a lot of great memories until now, the fact that we are going to Brazil will stay in my head for long time as well. Brazil is so far away that I thought I will never have such a chance to go there, but my dream is getting real, that is why I will remember it forever.

Brazil is so far away that I thought I will never have such a chance to go there, but my dream is getting real, that is why I will remember it forever. – Kisu

Please fill the sentence: “I will live of music and will dedicate for it until _______”

Cory: Until I collapse.
If you got the chance to be other member, whom would you choose and why? What would you do on his place?

Hongseob: I will choose JeongUk! He is good in dancing and Rap. He is writing great lyrics as well. I am thinking so much about it but there is nothing he is not cool at. In our promotion I am trying to be as cool as JeongUk! If I had a chance to be on JeongUk place, I will be More-MoreUK, a very cool guy.

KoreaIN: Do we have a new ship in the group? LOL

How’s going the new members adaptation in the group?

Changsun: I think our adaptation is going well. But now everything is new for me, so I don’t know a lot of aspects of been an idol, there are a lot of things that I am not very good in yet, that is why I am trying my best! Preparing for World Tour, I would like to show a cool image. I will work hard on it! My heart is trembling waiting for the moment we’ll meet with you!

Which advice did you hear when you were young and you would like to give to your fans, so they can lead a better life?

Hui: When I was young my father told me that we have only one life and we should do everything we are able to do. Don’t regret about anything. I want to tell this words to our fans as well. Have a pleasant life full of adventures and happiness.

Few of KoreaIN readers said they suffer from depression and said that 24K made them feel better despite the sickness. Those fans would like to know how the members feel knowing they can help fans through their songs.

Hongseob: Of course it is a honor for us! If someone, even one person, can get happier thanks to our songs – It is great win and a great pleasure for us. I hope from now on even more people will get happier thanks to our songs!

How 24K feels about making a tour in a country so far away, did you know that you have so many fans in Brazil? How did you feel when you heard the news about tickets being “sold out” for the Brazilian tour?

Jinhong: First of all, we felt really honored about making a concert in Brazil. Other members couldn’t believe when we heard the news about tickets being ‘sold out’.  It seems like there are a lot of 24K fans in Brazil who know us and are waiting for us. We will try to make our best for our fans to be satisfied. We will work hard to show you our best concert! See you soon!

The first fansign session of the group will be held on December 8th in Rio de Janeiro, following December 9th to Belo Horizonte, 10th to Curitiba and finally, December 11th in São Paulo, where fans will also be able to enjoy a full concert with the hits of the boys.
According to Highway Star, the tickets are already sold out. And we all look forward to getting to know the power and unique style of 24K!

Want to know more about 24K? Click here and here. Want to get an autographed poster at least? Click at the image below!

Fans: Facebook –  Mariane Spaolonse; Lavínia Akaboshi; Marina Faria; Danieli Ho Seok; Gabriela Martins // Twitter – @KonanLima; @Promise1D_; @debora_twt.
Translation: Giovanna Akioka
By: Naira Nunes; Carol Akioka

Special thanks Highway Star and Choeun Entertainment
Do not take it off without giving proper credit

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