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Kisu (former 24K) talks about working as a solo singer and fans’ love

In an exclusive interview for Revista KoreaIN, the singer spoke about his plans for the future, dreams, and memories from Brazil

Choi Kisu is living one day at a time. The former 24K began his journey as an independent artist, an act of courage and demonstration of passion for its craft and art. Recently, the singer concluded with honor his Military Service and started the early steps for a solo comeback, reaching over 100% of the goal on the website MakeStar necessary to cover all production costs.

“I am living very blissful moments lately. The fans are giving a lot of support, and it gives me strength in order to continue my work on music. My heart is full of gratitude, passion and willingness to work.”

Kisu said about the current moment in his career.

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The singer began his musical trajectory in 2012, as the main vocalist on the boy group 24K, having his departure announced in June 2019. From that moment on, Kisu got wings as an independent artist, carrying his talent and many admirers that had been with him, besides new faces to the fandom.

The fans already knew Kisu’s colors prior to his solo debut in 2017, with the ‘Sweet Lie” MV under the name Soo. The first album came shortly after with compositions written by himself. Since 2018, the artist has been posting covers and gaining notoriety on every new upload. Even while wrapping the preparations for the comeback, he continues to make his version of songs in English, Korean, and, soon, in Portuguese! That’s right: Choi Kisu told us he is working on a video singing “A Lenda”, originally sung by the Brazilian duo Sandy & Junior.

“During the Military Service, I grasped the time to practice playing guitar in my spare time and also used the program Premiere Pro (for video editing). Now I’m filming and editing my videos for YouTube, but possibly record an MV, who knows.”

Kisu served from 2018 to June 2020.

Kisu is a great fan of Brazil, having visited the country in 2016 along with the members of 24K, gifting 24Us (fandom name) with full and fun concerts, just as the other artists on stage. Soo remembers his impression of Brazilians fans every time he admires the gifts given by fans

“My memories from Brazil all seem to be dreams. I always remember that time because I leave a cap with the Brazilian flag (a gift from the fans) on my piano. I want to go back, Brazil!”

Soo recalls one of his trips to Brazil.

As a singer-songwriter, Kisu never stops writing and practicing. He had already finished part of the work for his next comeback. In his Twitter account, he mentions that his new work song is one of the most personal and sentimental he has ever written. Since part of his fandom is from Latin America, Choi Kisu doesn’t deny the possibility of producing songs with Latin rhythms.

“On the new album, I wrote songs thinking about myself. They are 100% based on my experience and are still in process. Who knows. On my next songs I use some touchs of Latin music. I’ve been thinking about trying. Wait up!”

Choi Kisu mentions Billboard Hot 100 as one of his dreams.

With his official comeback confirmed, the singer also made plans for the future and raised the possibility of making online concerts. The quality of his productions makes him dream high and ambitiously, which is justifiable, considering his talent. Shooting for the stars, Kisu would like to enter Billboard Hot 100.

“Initially, I’m planning to make online concerts and want to keep on working on new songs to release them, to spread my work for more and more people. My main goal is to enter the Top 100 on Billboard in three years. Would you like to come with me?”

Declared Kisu, inviting fans to join him in that new phase.

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He also mentioned his gratitude for all the support that Brazilian fans are giving him. Kisu made sure to thank for believing him and promised to continue being true and singing from his heart, just like he did on 24K.

“People from Brazil and Latin America, this was Kisu interview. I used to be in a group called 24K, and now I’m working as a solo singer.
I still think about you as much as I used to in the past, do in the present, and will in the future. My feelings for you are sincere and won’t change! Although I’m no longer in 24K and have been working on my own, I’ll keep on singing with all my more true feelings. Join me and give me support! COVID-19 is unsettling all over the whole wide world. I hope you are all well! We will see each other without fail! I miss you! I love you, 049.”

Soo declared himself to the Latin American fans.

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