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[INTERVIEW] CRAVITY reveals ambition to meet international fans and friendship with label mates

Having completed two years since its debut in April, CRAVITY is the living evidence that talent and creativity are two of the keys to success.

In a chat about the preparation for new releases and anxiety for their first-ever concert, which occurred a little after the interview was sent, the members opened their hearts about everything they achieved so far, future goals, and what they have done so far to where they are now.

Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: You are finally back with the release of [LIBERTY : IN OUR COSMOS]. Congratulations! Could you tell us a little about the preparation for this comeback?

HYEONGJUN: Many LUVITIES might not know how we prepare for our comeback.

ALLEN and SEONGMIN: That’s true!

ALLEN: So, first we receive the new songs and practice to record them. When the choreography is ready or confirmed, we start to learn it. Then, we take the promotional pictures, record the music video, and practice, practice, and practice.

KoreaIN: What message would you like to deliver with “Adrenaline”? Can you talk more about the new song?

MINHEE: Youth. 

TAEYOUNG: Young energy.

ALLEN: Young energy. What else?

WOOBIN: It’s a mixture of 4 different rhythms: Punk, Future House, Trap, and Moombahton. So, I hope our LUVITIES like it.

ALLEN: Cool!

KoreaIN: The name of the group combines the words “creativity” and “gravity” and stands for “center of gravity” to bring fans close to your universe. How do you use – or wish to use more – your creativity within and for the group?

SERIM: Allen and I are involved in the songwriting processes. For this album, we contributed to the writing of about three songs. 


ALLEN: For each album, we try to contribute with something new, something that fans haven’s seen before. So, as SERIM said, we contributed to the lyrics of three songs on this album. We hope you guys really enjoy it.

Note: KoreaIN sent the questions for this interview before the [CENTER OF GRAVITY] concerts happened.

KoreaIN: The group has been active during the pandemics and unfortunately did not have many opportunities to meet LUVITY in person. But now you’re about to hold your first concert in April. What are your expectations and how are the preparations for it?

WONJIN: I still can’t describe the feeling that the seats will be filled with only LUVITIES. I hope this day comes as fast as possible.

ALLEN: That’s true.

TAEYOUNG: We are very excited.

WOOBIN: Excited.

ALLEN: To meed LUVITIES in person.

TAEYOUNG: And show them our many songs. 26!

ALLEN: For the concert? It’s around that. And our parents are coming, so this will be like our first time performing in front of our parents.

TAEYOUNG: Our families. 

ALLEN: Yeah, our families.

KoreaIN: You have won your first win on music shows with your first comeback and have achieved awards and nominations for the top South Korean awards. What else do you wish to achieve in the future?

ALLEN: It would be great if we get a win with “Adrenaline” as well, right? 

ALL: Right.

TAEYOUNG: And we would love to go on a world tour to meet our international LUVITIES.

KoreaIN: As part of Starship Entertainment, you have the opportunity to be around many veterans of the industry and even worked with some of them, like MONSTA X’s Joohoney and WJSN’s EXY. How does it feel to be close to those stars? Have you ever received any advice from them that helped you personally or professionally?

ALLEN: Sure! We received a lot, right?

HYEONGJUN: The good side of being around them, firstly, is that we have our schedule at the company, but the fact of having a sunbaenim, that is also a friend, who can take care and support us is very good. They already bought us food, send us flowers, gave us songs, and also wrote songs for us. So, I think we receive a lot and we are grateful for those people.

KoreaIN: The cosmic elements have been in the albums since your debut. In the first trilogy of releases, each album had a song with one of those elements (Star, Sunrise, Moonlight). Now they are on the name of the albums. What can fans expect from the development of this concept?

WOOBIN: Universe.

HYEONGJUN: Universe.

MINHEE: The things we have not yet revealed are illimited.

TAEYOUNG: The complete universe is still unexplored, it’s a fact that many things have not yet been revealed.

MINHEE: The number of things we still have not revealed overflows.

ALLEN: If we stop to think, we are all living in the same universe. So, only the fact of knowing that we share the same space with our fans is rewarding and emotional.

ALL: That’s true.

[LIBERTY : IN OUR COSMOS] and all CRAVITY‘s discography is available on all streaming platforms. Check the video interview on KoreaIN‘s YouTube channel:

Korean translation by Giovanna Nogueira
English version by Greyce Oliveira
Image: Starship Entertainment
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