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[INTERVIEW] YOUNITE’s energetic rookies reveal their charm points

If you like to follow a group since the beginning of their career, YOUNITE will give you not only 1 but 9 reasons to become their fan. BRANDNEW MUSIC‘s newest boy group debuted in April with the mini-album YOUNI-BIRTH and has already left a message for their fans around the world in an interview with KoreaIN. EUNHO, EUNSANG, STEVE, HYUNSEUNG, HYUNGSEOK, WOONO, DEY, KYUNGMUN, and SION talked about the preparations for their debut, the image they’ll like to have, and their beloved YOUNIZ (name chosen for the fandom).

Check the full interview below.

KoreaIN: Hello, YOUNITE! Thank you for having us. How have you been lately?

EUNHO: Right now, we have several schedules including music shows, and we are enjoying every schedule we experience. It’s extra fun to spend time and make memories with the members.

KoreaIN: Congratulations on your debut! Can you talk about your preparations to release your first album ever as a group?

EUNSANG: Many moments from training days are coming to my mind, such as monthly evaluation and pre-debut promotions. All members must have had their tough times, but we all ended up working hard and challenging ourselves for the team, and I really appreciate it.

KoreaIN: The MV for “1 of 9”is very bright and colorful and tells a story about young love in a very energetic way. What kind of emotions do you wish people will have while listening and watching the MV for this song?

EUNHO: The theme of “1 of 9” is asking listeners to choose us. I want people to have their bias pick, and moreover, I want people to choose YOUNITE as their bias group.

WOONO: I hope everyone who listens to and watches the “1 of 9” music video thinks of their youth and feels refreshed.

KoreaIN: As for the track Everybody, the song and MV are also very energetic and show a lot of sports and activities to keep your spirits high and the boredom away. What does each member do to deal with boredom?

HYUNGSEOK: When I’m bored, I like listening to exciting music loudly.

KYUNGMUN: I try to focus on smiles rather than boredom, so I spend every day thinking about balancing myself.

KoreaIN: Everybody is the perfect song for the start of their career as it introduces the group and the members by singing “let us show our passion”. So, what would be this passion that moves YOUNITE?

DEY: I think what motivates me and YOUNITE are our members, YOUNIZ, and inspiring artists whom we look up to.

KoreaIN: Now that YOUNITE officially has debuted, how do you hope YOUNITE will be seen by the public? What kind of image or mark do you want to have in the music industry?

EUNSANG: I want to continue releasing albums and making music so we can fill people’s lives with our work, including music and performance. We promise YOUNITE will continue working hard.

KYUNGMUN: I hope people around the world can feel comfort and happiness from YOUNITE. I wish YOUNITE to be remembered as a group sending new dreams and hopes with music.

KoreaIN: YOUNITE have just started showing your talents and style. What style of music do you want to show for your future comebacks?

STEVE: I like everything trendy. I’d love to try Hip-Hop style.

HYUNGSEUNG: I think it’d be exciting to show something darker and more grand concepts and styles.

KoreaIN: YOUNITE is a new group, but there are already fans that were patiently waiting for your debut, how do you feel about that? Does this kind of expectation push you to do your best?

EUNHO: They have supported us so much even before the debut and that support still continues today. We’re very thankful and we’re always motivated by them. They inspire and motivate us to move forward and work harder.

SION: I’m so happy and thankful to know our fans have been supporting us pre-debut. We can really work hard because there are fans who acknowledge our effort.

KoreaIN: Thank you for your time to do this interview! It’s an honor for us to get to know more about YOUNITE. Lastly, could you send a message to all YOUNIZ that are cheering for you since the very beginning of the group?

EUNSANG: It was amazing to have YOUNIZ by our side to start promoting our debut album. We’ll come back soon after preparing and working hard. Hope everyone stays healthy, have a great start to summer, and have your every day filled with happiness and good things!

The group also left a video message to fans on KoreaIN’s channel on YouTube. Check it below:

By Paula Bastos Araripe
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