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[INTERVIEW] BamBam talks about his solo release “riBBon” and GOT7’s noisy chatting room

BamBam starts a new chapter in life by releasing his first solo album. The artist, who left Thailand at the age of 13, dreamed of becoming an idol in South Korea. More than 10 years later, he has built a solid career and is a member of one of the most loved k-pop groups in and outside Korea, GOT7. Now, at the age of 24, he challenges himself once again: this time to show an even better version of himself.

The mini-album riBBon – as well as its eponymous single – was revealed this Tuesday and has BamBam’s personal touch in all the details. riBBon shows the singer’s biggest features: his charisma, elegant aesthetics, passion for fashion, and intense personality. Despite the anxiety and efforts involved in this new phase, BamBam reflects his vibrant vibe – loved by his fans and one of his trademarks – he told on an exclusive interview with KoreaIN: “I want to have as much fun and excitement as possible“.

This combination between who BamBam is and the expectations for this “rebirth” – as he called – has fascinated fans and reached the top of South Korean and international music charts.

To celebrate this release, we talked to the artist about the process of creation of this album, friendship with fellow GOT7 members, and possible future plans. Check the exclusive interview below.

Watch riBBon MV:


KoreaIN: How are you doing these days?
BamBam: I’m living my life diligently. Everything is fun and exciting these days.

KoreaIN: You’re now walking on a new path with your solo debut. How do you feel about it?
BamBam: I’m worried, but I’m trying not to feel pressured. I want to have as much fun and excitement as possible.

KoreaIN: Your 1st mini-album ‘riBBon’ has a quite dreamy and artistic aesthetic. How was the creative process behind it? And what kind of message would you like to deliver with this very first solo single?
BamBam: The theme of “Reborn” was something I’ve always wanted to do if I had a solo album. I think the pronunciation of “Reborn” and “Ribbon” is the same, so it’s even more fun. It contains a message of hope, a better me.

KoreaIN: Which kind of rhythms or concepts would you like to incorporate in your future projects?
BamBam: There are so many… If I had to choose one, I’d like to try Latin Hip Hop.

KoreaIN: While still in GOT7, all the members are currently working on solo activities. How do you support each other’s projects these days?
BamBam: We have a chat room! We’re always monitoring each other’s work there and cheering for each other!
GOT7 chat rooms are always noisy.

KoreaIN: You were one of the first KPOP idols from Thailand, and thanks to that, lots of fans also got interested in your home country. How was it for you? What kind of challenges did you have while pursuing your career abroad in Korea?
BamBam: It wasn’t as hard as I thought! It was more difficult to come to Korea at a younger age than the cultural part.

KoreaIN: We also see you are very interested in fashion too. Do you have plans on trying other projects aside from singing? Maybe in the fashion industry, or in other fields of entertainment.
BamBam: If I have a chance! I would love it. If you look at this album, there are so many outfits.

KoreaIN: As solo singer BamBam, what kind of artist would you like to be remembered for? What kind of thoughts would you like to go through people’s minds when they hear about you?

BamBam: Full of energy! If you think of BamBam, turn up!

KoreaIN: Finally, can you please send a message to Brazilian fans who will read this interview?

BamBam: I know how much you guys want to see us in real life! But I want to let you guys know that I want to go to Brazil so bad too. I promise I will go to you guys. I will have a concert in Brazil. I will not keep Brazil IGOT7 waiting forever. Love ya!

BamBam also sent a special message to his Brazilians fans, and promises to visit the country in the future. Watch it:

riBBon is available on music streaming platforms and on BamBam’s official YouTube channel.

By Carol Akioka e Greyce Oliveira
Pictures: ABBYS Company (divulgação)
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